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Times are changing
Times are indeed changing. A recent study by J.D. Power found that the number of women buying new cars has jumped from just 31% of the overall Philippine car-buying population in 2013, to 45% in 2016. That's a pretty
How does your favorite brand rank?
Last year, the Philippine automotive industry registered a record sales total of 320,677 units, up 20% from the previous year. And there are no signs of said industry sales abating in 2016. With all these chart-breaking sales figures from most
Who saw this coming, seriously?
Whether we admit it or not, many of us used to crack jokes about how cheap or odd-looking Kia vehicles were back then. The Pride, for one, was the butt of all harsh comments during its heyday in the early '90s.
According to US-based J.D. Power study
When the brand was younger, there was a backward belief that Lexus wasn't as good as its European counterparts, because they said it was just a Toyota underneath. But as the Japanese premium brand grew in sales and stature, even in
What are these features?
Sometimes seeing all these new cars can get a bit overwhelming. They're so packed to the brim with features that frankly, it sometimes gets a little tedious keeping track of them all. Can anyone still recall when having electric windows was
Highest-ranked brand for 3rd straight year
When it comes to luxury cars, manufacturers strive to deliver only the best in terms of quality and design. Standard and excellence are two words that they hope go hand in hand with each vehicle that passes through their assembly lines, and
See how the carmakers rank
These days, virtually no business can survive without any social media presence, and that can't be any truer than in the automotive industry. Today, practically all car companies have one or more social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It'
See which car brands are next in the ranking
Honda is tops in the Philippine car market when it comes to new-vehicle sales satisfaction, according to the results of JD Power Asia Pacific's 2012 Philippine Sales Satisfaction Index. Based on the study, Honda ranks highest with a score of
For the second straight year
For the second straight year, Chevrolet is the best carmaker in the Philippines in terms of after-sales customer service, according to JD Power Asia Pacific's 2012 Philippine Customer Service Index (CSI) Study. The study also shows that overall satisfaction with
Find out in the latest J. D. Power study
Clients getting out of Chevrolet service centers are the most satisfied customers when it comes to getting after-sales services in the Philippines, a study conducted by J. D. Power Asia Pacific shows.According to J. D. Power's 2011 Philippines Customer
Get to know the Filipino car buyer
Overall satisfaction with the new-car purchase experience in the Philippines has declined and J. D. Power Asia Pacific has spotted the reasons. Here are the key points in the research firm's latest Philippines Sales Satisfaction Index Study based on the
Double celebration for Ford Group Philippines
Mazda and Ford bested eight other car brands in the Philippines in offering the most satisfying customer service to new-car owners.J. D. Power Asia Pacific's 2010 Philippines Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study showed Mazda scored 832 points in a
Korea beats Germany and UK in the battle of the best midsize premium sedans
Buying a new car may be a little less stressful if it didn't involve loads of hard-earned money.
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