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This luxury sports car is an aural assault
Ever since Jeremy Clarkson's review of the Jaguar F-Type on the Top Gear TV show, I had never gotten over the noise that car made. Then somewhere in the middle of flogging the car down British B-roads, he dropped
We drove it ourselves
If you got a chance to drive a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 sports coupe capable of producing 542hp and 680Nm, wouldn't you want to capture the experience on video for all to see? That's exactly what we did when
Check it out at Jaguar's BGC showroom
Jaguar Philippines has launched the F-Type Coupe, nearly a year after the F-Type Convertible was launched in the country.Like the roadster, the F-Type Coupe makes extensive use of aluminum, giving the car an "uncompromised design aesthetic while delivering
Hollywood comes to life here. Well, almost
The idea of dealerships utilizing a releasing room to add a little pageantry to the turnover of a luxury vehicle is nothing new, but the Jaguar dealership in Singapore takes things up a notch. Inside of Wearnes Automotive on Leng Kee Road
Which F-Type is more beautiful for this executive?
During the Southeast Asian launch of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe held in Singapore last week, where Top Gear Philippines was the exclusive Philippine media guest, we got to chat with Russell Anderson, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific, about
A Philippine exclusive
We attended a very hip party at the Red Dot Museum in Singapore last weekend to commemorate the launch of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe in the region, and we got some pretty interesting insights about the model from Jaguar's top
Bannered by the flagship F-Type R
More than two years after it was first shown to the public as the C-X16 concept car, the production-model Jaguar F-Type coupe has finally been unveiled--a few months before it goes on sale in the first half of
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