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We’ve waited a long time for this
We've all been asking for this for a while, and now we finally have it: Nissan will be unveiling a new GT-R in Japan tomorrow, January 13.There were no details revealed just yet. We've no idea about the
A big win for the South Korean brand
Hey, if it's good enough for the Japanese, it's good enough for us.The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has just won the 2022 Japan Import Car of the Year award, getting us even more hyped up for the electric vehicle's
It’s already scheduled for October 26 to November 5, 2023
The Tokyo Motor Show (TMS)-one of the automotive industry's biggest global events-took a hit from the pandemic last year as the biennial event was canceled for the first time ever since its inauguration in 1954. But now that things
The popular hybrid has just been revamped
Let's shift our attention away from the next-gen Innova for a minute and turn our eyes on the other new Toyota that's just broken cover: the all-new Prius. This reveal comes just a few days after the first
It's so good, it's become a target in Japan
When it comes to crime, you usually won't hear a lot about it when you're in Japan. But, believe it or not, car theft does exist over there. That's not to knock on Japan's
And other pertinent questions
This weekend, F1 returns to Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix-the first time in three years that the race has been held thanks to you-know-what-19.This is good news because Suzuka is one of the best F1 tracks
You’ve got to admit, that ‘Fun Cross’ variant does look like fun
Daihatsu easily has one of the quirkiest lineups in Japan, from funky models like the Copen to small yet utilitarian ones such as the Taft. If we were to list down the Daihatsus we'd like to see in our market, then
Now that’s convenience
One of the biggest roadblocks when it comes the electric vehicle (EV) adoption is charging, or the lack of charging infrastructure, rather. But what if you didn't need to drop by a charging station every now and then? What if you
In some cases, used units cost more than brand-new ones
Japanese consumers are really beginning to feel the hurt caused by Toyota's supply chain issues. And no, we aren't just referring to long wait times and halted reservations.A new report by Nikkei Asia has revealed that Toyota's supply
It’s called the Fit there, of course
It's been over a year now since the Philippine market bid goodbye to the Honda Jazz-a move that makes sound business sense given the existence of the City Hatchback for our region, but which has left fans of the nameplate
The Osaka Station will become the world’s first station to use the technology
Japan has recorded 2,900 cases of people falling from train platforms and 160 accidents wherein people waiting on platforms came into contact with moving trains. To help prevent this, the country decided to install platform screen doors at their train stations.
The DPWH is calling it a ‘superstructure’
Do we need fancy bridges with eye-catching arches? Maybe not, since a simple structure will probably get the job done just as well. You have to admit, though, that it is kind of nice seeing new pieces of infrastructure with some
Does anyone here prefer the brand’s older designs?
Car designs have changed quite a bit over the past decade or two. Back in the day, hard lines and boxy proportions were the in thing. Vehicles' looks became more rounded out over time, and now carmakers are opting for edgier appearances
Time to start saving up
Is the COVID-19 crisis beginning to wind down? We wouldn't say that. At least not yet. If there's anything we've learned over the past two years, it's that the situation during a pandemic can change at any
Courtesy of Ferrari Tailor Made
Ever wanted a Ferrari in your life, but concerned it'll lack a Japanese touch? Enter this one-of-a-kind Ferrari Roma, which takes inspiration from traditional Japanese design, culture, and crafts. Right you are.Let's start on the exterior-
Electric Subies, anyone?
The Solterra, Subaru's first-ever electric vehicle (EV), is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Japanese carmaker's electrification plans.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Subaru's upcoming EV factory in Japan will be
Proof that Pinoys will always find a way to congregate
On a recent trip back to Japan, my family and I visited Oshino-Hakkai, a scenic area located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Oshino-Hakkai is one of the 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan, where you can admire how
The latest shutdown will set Toyota’s production back by 13,000 units
Automakers just can't catch a break, can they? Toyota Motor Corporation, after multiple plant shutdowns over the past year or so, is now halting production in its home market of Japan yet again.According to a report by Reuters, the Japanese
The Japanese carmaker is making a case for renewable fuels
Mazda has revealed a new racing car it intends to field in the upcoming Super Taikyu Series in Japan. It's an endurance event, and the angle here is the fuel: the Mazda 2 Bio Concept runs on biodiesel.Not just any
A helping hand
Getting around by train isn't exactly a walk in the park around these parts. This may change, though, if the upcoming Metro Manila Subway project turns out to be everything the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is making it out to be.
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