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Are slammed Ferraris sacrilege? Let the Internet flamewar begin!
More excellence from Japan, including a Lamborghini cat and a car museum in a train station
You may have noticed that we've had an extensive buffet of Japanese car content over the last few weeks. That's because two of our indefatigable photographers-Mark Riccioni and Alex Penfold-have been seemingly trying to capture every single cool
There’s something for everyone at this service station
We've covered Yokohama's Daikoku parking area (PA) a few times over the years. That doesn't matter, though, as it constantly changes and never ceases to amaze. Technically, it's a service station. But for Japanese car nuts, it's
Every year, Tokyo Auto Salon is complemented by the world’s most colorful car meet
While we don't know how you celebrated new year, we'd wager it wasn't as spectacular as this. Every January, when the Tokyo Auto Salon is held, car meets permeate the city. Among the very best sees the whole color
Rare Ferraris and Skylines, impossibly cool racers, and wacky kei cars
As ridiculous as it sounds, high-end car auctions can get a bit samey. Year after year, it's a similar bunch of rare Ferraris, Porsches, and Bugattis that come out of the woodwork and swap owners for a few bazillion dollars.
It’s all about having fun
Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. Some cost a fortune, while others are dirt-cheap. Some are built to fit in even the tiniest of parking spaces, while others are developed with the intention of towering over everything else on
We don’t mind that we can’t actually read them
Coffee-table books are nice: They make great decorative pieces for surfaces that would otherwise remain empty, and provide guests with something to browse as they wait. What's more, there are a ton of them for car guys to choose from.
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