For the first time in over three years
If we're talking about the global stage, things haven't exactly gone smoothly for Nissan over the past couple of years. There was the whole Carlos Ghosn debacle that began in late 2018, then the COVID-19 pandemic started not long
We want one
On paper, a complete shift to electric vehicles (EV) looks like the right way to go about cleaning up motoring. It's not that simple, though, as there's still plenty of waste to be had even without the presence of fossil
This makes us want to go on a ramen run
Has anyone here ever grabbed a bite at Genki Sushi? The place has a different take on the conveyor belt sushi experience, opting instead to deliver orders using a "bullet train." It's a neat concept, but one that's limited in
We wonder what Toyota vehicle will get this
Yes, we know going all-out on electric vehicles is all the rage these days-but this doesn't mean we no longer get excited over developments like the one you see here.This shiny new mill is actually a 5.0-
Would you like to see this in the PH?
You know how they say a car begins to depreciate as soon as it rolls out of the dealership? Well, in most cases, it's kind of true-but what if we told you there are ways to slow down said depreciation?
Not all heroes wear capes…or come with turbochargers
Honda had a hell of a year, didn't it? Among the cars it released or revealed in 2021 were the all-new Civic, the all-new BR-V, and the all-new HR-V.That's quite a trio up there,
Nismo will play a part in its development
Some relatively big news from the world of Nissan today: The Japanese car manufacturer is set to launch a new motorsport and customization wing next year aptly named the Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Company.Exciting stuff, but what does this mean for the
It’s called myToyota Wallet
Think virtual showrooms and online concierges are the big leap in digitization the local auto industry has been waiting for? That's cute. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is taking its tech one step further by allowing customers to pay for its services
It gets an automated manual transmission
When it comes to commercial trucks, utility and performance are the main factors to consider. Any convenience features or creature comforts are pretty much just bonuses. Isuzu, though, is making ease of use one of the key selling points of its latest
The rise of the machines?
There's no feeling quite like owning a car that you know was worked on by the best of the best by hand. Simply put, you just can't replicate the personal touch of someone who cares about their work.Or can
Why not an electric one, though?
Remember when the idea of flying cars was absurd? Yeah, it's been a while since that was the case. These days, it seems like everyone is trying to build one, though they're now technically called vertical take-off and landing (
If only we had proper sidewalks
As many of you know, Toyota doesn't just make cars. Over the past several years, the Japanese brand has branched out heavily into other realms of mobility. Its latest pedestrian-oriented release is called the C+ Walk T, and it looks
Southeast Asia remains safe, thankfully
If this new report turns out to be true, the Japanese car market might soon have one less player when it comes to domestic car development.According to a recent report by Nikkei Asia, Mitsubishi plans to cease the development of car
Christmas is coming
Retro motoring apparel are a dime a dozen these days, and it's easy to see why. As with old-school cars, we reckon a lot of drivers are longing for the good old days of pure combustion engines and manual-winding
You’ll have two units to choose from
Here we go, guys. A reliable source has let us know how much the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is going to cost when it lands in the Philippine market later this year. Spoiler alert: The vehicle's price has increased by
Liking the look?
Sigma Advanced Racing Development, better known as SARD (or perhaps just as Sigma to fans of Le Mans in the '70s), is a Japanese tuning company and race team that specializes in Toyotas. It's no surprise, then, that SARD is one
Could something like this work here?
These days, finding your way when you're lost during a commute is as simple as whipping out your smartphone, tapping an app, and reading directions. Simple enough. Thing is, it's a little more complicated when you're visually impaired.To
Is this something you’d be interested in getting?
It looks like Toyota GR Yaris owners in Japan are going to have one distinct advantage over buyers residing in other markets.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced it is launching a special Kinto subscription service that will help the hot hatch
Does the package match the price?
My family's decision to opt for the base automatic variant of the Nissan Navara three years ago was born of budget constraints more than anything. At the time, this option was called the EL 4x2 AT. Priced at around P1.1
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