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For when you can’t splurge on an Alphard
As far as rides with seven or more seats go, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has one of the most extensive lineups in the local market. It would still be neat, though, if the company could fill the niche between an MPV like
Suzuki might want to take notes
Earlier this month, we reported that a handful of students from the Nihon Automobile College vocational school in Japan were hard at work building a five-door Suzuki Jimmy for the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS). At the time, though, images of
We cry
With 257hp and 360Nm available at the throttle and incredible handling, the Toyota GR Yaris is a certified blitz to drive even in its base form. Imagine our excitement, then, when the Japanese manufacturer shared it would be unveiling a "fully-tuned"
You have a few weeks left to take advantage of this
Still unable to make a decision regarding what car to buy to start off the new year? Suzuki Philippines has a few pitches to throw your way.From now until January 31, the Suzuki Ciaz, Dzire, and Vitara will be available with
Another addition to the brand’s local HEV lineup
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is making a determined push for hybrids in the local auto industry. The latest model from the brand to come available as a hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV)? None other than the RAV4.The Japanese car brand has announced
This looks incredible
Considering the ever-increasing range of EVs these days, we're already at the point where electric cars make for viable daily drivers. But are we at the point where these things evoke the same feeling of excitement as their fuel-guzzling
This? Say hello to the Toyota GR GT3 Concept-the brand's attempt at "further accelerating" its customers' stake in the realm of motorsports. We think the company's done a rather bang-up job here. Yes, we're acknowledging it's
Are you digging it?
The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser, even in its stock form, is already one of the toughest-looking vehicles in its segment. That said, making the SUV look even burlier without making it borderline absurd is a tall order.Thankfully, it looks like
Do you dig this look over the one in Asia?
Last year, Honda revealed the all-new HR-V, showing off a crossover with a more stylish look and a considerably more premium vibe to it. According to the brand, the refreshing new aesthetic was the result of discussions with consumer groups.
The SUV is as solid as it looks
Toyota has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to crash tests on our side of the globe. The latest offering from the Japanese brand to impress in terms of safety? None other than the all-new Land Cruiser LC300.The vehicle'
Luxury and versatility do mix
Well, here's a neat little breath of fresh air from all the kei cars and electric vehicles making their way to the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS).Lexus has teamed up with the JAOS Corporation to showcase a burly, off-road-
In December 2022, Mitsubishi announced it would be showcasing a new Ralliart concept at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS). Well, we finally have a proper look at the vehicle, and if you were expecting something along the lines of Ralliart
We’ll take this over a crossover
Honda has unveiled the all-new sixth-generation Step WGN in Japan, and the campaign for it to be exported across the globe starts right here. Yeah, it'll probably never happen, but the least we can do is give it a
Gazoo Racing is taking center stage
It's not a stretch to say that Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR), the company's relatively new performance wing, is at the heart of what makes the brand one of the most exhilarating in contemporary motoring. You needn't look any further
It comes with two engine options
More details regarding the local introduction of the Toyota Raize have surfaced. Now, we get a proper look at what Philippine-spec units will feature.As we mentioned in an earlier story, the Raize will be available with two engine options. Units
Ready yourselves
Those of you looking for a starter car might be in luck this year, as Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is set to make a splash in the local market with the introduction of the Raize.We've just managed to get the
Check out the upgrades inside
Local SUV buyers in the market for something relatively more upscale than the standard midsize model will be pleased to know that Mazda Philippines has finally brought in the new CX-9. What's more, the company is expanding its local lineup
What will they think of next?
Remember DAMD? If the name doesn't ring a bell, let us refresh your memory. The company made waves not too long ago after giving the Suzuki Jimny a face transplant and replacing its mug with that of a Mercedes-Benz G-
Well, sort of...
Frankly, how Toyota is treating the reveal of the GR Corolla hatch is becoming some kind of sadistic joke. The thing is, we love it-in a sad, desperate kind of way.The Japanese car manufacturer has released yet another teaser for
Is this viable?
When it comes to overlanding, size matters. This isn't just because you want to have a good amount of space if you're living off the grid, but also because you need a vehicle capable of tackling settings most other cars
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