The model has received a refresh in Japan
The Mazda 2 has long been one of the best-looking offerings in the subcompact segment. This, however, hasn't stopped the Japanese carmaker from drastically changing the vehicle's look with its latest refresh.For 2023, the Mazda 2 will have
It’s finally here
We have some good news for those of you who've held back on buying the all-new Mitsubishi Xpander to wait for its beefier sibling: The 2023 Xpander Cross is now available locally.With this, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) is giving
Grab one while you can
So, the all-new Honda Civic Type R is now available in the Philippines. If the hot hatch's supply situation in Japan is any indication, though, it might not be for much longer.In a statement released on its official Japanese
Looking for a starter car?
Buying a car can be an intimidating experience if you're a newbie motorist. Thankfully, brands are making it easy for customers to bite on a deal with easy payment options.Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), for example, is making plenty of its
The brand acknowledges there’s a tough road ahead
Don't get it twisted. While the overall sales situation has improved, car brands are still wrestling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. A global parts and semiconductor shortage caused by disrupted supply chains, for example, continues to mess with
It can supposedly do 12.4km/L in the city
The local seven-seat MPV segment is finally cleaning up its act, and leading the way is the Suzuki Ertiga.Suzuki Philippines has just launched the Ertiga Hybrid locally, making it the first MPV nameplate in the country to come available with
Get hyped
Hey, the Nissan GT-R isn't the only car that's showing off a new look at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. Although, admittedly, it did kind of steal everyone's thunder.Over at the Subaru booth, the Japanese brand is
We’ve waited a long time for this
We've all been asking for this for a while, and now we finally have it: Nissan will be unveiling a new GT-R in Japan tomorrow, January 13.There were no details revealed just yet. We've no idea about the
About as pristine as they come
Sebastian Vettel is about as seasoned as drivers come. The former Formula 1 champ's driven on all manner of races, roads, and tracks. That said, you'd be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at how he's managed to rack up
A proper upgrade?
The Philippines is no stranger to toughened-up pickup variants hoping to cash in on buyers' obsession with rugged looks. Toyota Motor Philippines has the Hilux Conquest, and Nissan Philippines has the Navara Pro-4X-Japanese trucks that both boast a host
Some of these are pretty steep
Planning to buy a Honda soon? Well, this news is going to sting-particularly if you've already made your mind up on driving home a brand-new HR-V.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has made some significant changes to its local
Another one
It isn't just the Toyota Wigo that's received a price increase recently. Over at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC), the Montero Sport midsize SUV has received one as well.If you visit the official MMPC price list, you'll notice that
We mean that in a good way
The Suzuki Jimmy is a vehicle that's nearly impossible to hate. We have a feeling, though, that what tuning outfit ESB has done over in Japan may not appeal to everyone's taste.This is a slammed Suzuki Jimmy. And yes,
Could this version find the same level of success in PH?
The next-generation Toyota Innova is about as surefire a release as they come in the Philippine market. With a familiar badge, seven seats, and a recognizable name, the MPV is destined for success locally.There is one question mark, though: Will
A big win for the South Korean brand
Hey, if it's good enough for the Japanese, it's good enough for us.The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has just won the 2022 Japan Import Car of the Year award, getting us even more hyped up for the electric vehicle's
What feature would you like to see in PH?
The Innova is a model that was born out of necessity. Growing families needed bigger rides and, with the Innova's seven seats and reasonable form factor, Toyota was able to offer exactly that in a practical package.Over the years, the
Is the price increase worth it?
The difference in price between the base-level and mid-spec 2023 Honda HR-V is pretty significant. To be exact, the latter is P399,000 more expensive-but it does have one major advantage over its more affordable sibling in the
Is this a good thing?
The next-generation midsize SUV wars have yet to begin, but Mitsubishi is already giving the industry hints as to what it plans to do with the Montero Sport.According to a report by Australia's, the Japanese carmaker
All signs point towards electric vehicles being the future of motoring. This, however, doesn't mean other alternatives should be left off the table entirely.Toyota, for example, is investing heavily in hydrogen-related automotive technology. The Japanese car brand has already
This looks promising
The Toyota Hilux is easily the most utilitarian model in the Japanese car manufacturer's lineup. It's also arguably the most reliable, and possibly the toughest-looking. But clean? Hey, the thing still runs on diesel-let's not kid ourselves
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