As discovered by the hosts of Top Gear
If you like cars-and if not, may we humbly direct you to a different part of the internet that deals with needlecraft and patchwork-you'll be aware Japan is a Really Quite Interesting Country. So Really Quite Interesting, in fact,
Small, practical, and snow-proof
Part of our jobs as motoring journalists involves regular sojourns to Japan, the birthplace of many major carmakers. So we're no strangers to the Land of the Rising Sun and the many cool cars that can be found in cities like
Capable in sleet, snow, or traffic
You know all about the Mazda CX-8. We hope you do anyway, given how giddy we've been regarding any little update about it since it launched. But in case you haven't heard, it was revealed last year as Mazda'
Set for rollout on 3 car models
High-tech safety systems are normally associated with premium vehicles. When we say "high-tech," we're not necessarily referring to airbags and antilock brakes, as these are standard fare already. The safety gear we're talking about are stuff like vehicles
JDM city car looks fun
For most of us, growing up with a Toyota was practically a way of life. We all knew about the brand because either we owned one or someone we knew had it in their garage. And the notion of what a Toyota
Limited to just 300 units in Japan
Subaru has built a reputation for building sporty cars, even if most of these vehicles are either high-riding SUVs or everyday compact cars. Thanks to technologies such as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and horizontally opposed engines, the carmaker manages to achieve
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