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The biggest update since 2007
So Japan's super coupe soldiers on with welcome improvements, as unveiled at the ongoing New York International Auto Show. Here's what's new with the Nissan GT-R.1. It's got a new face. Nissan tells us the size
We witness its launch in Japan
In the pantheon of Japanese performance cars, there is a special place reserved for the Honda Civic Type R. Its first version came out in 1997 with the revered Civic EK chassis, and from then on gearheads have coveted it with a
We meet it in the metal in Japan
There was no fanfare or formal unveiling for the Honda vehicles at the ongoing 44th Tokyo Motor Show. We were there during the exclusive press days, and when the Honda presentation was about to begin, the cars were already on display. Naturally,
Is this the return of the iconic RX-7?
In the motoring world, there is a pantheon of revered and admired Japanese sports cars that cause excitement at the mere mention of their names. The Toyota Supra, the Honda NSX, the Nissan GT-R and the Mazda RX-7 all occupy
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