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We drive the German SUV to Baguio
We've got to hand it to Automobile Central Enterprise (aka Volkswagen Philippines) for pushing through with the Touareg media drive despite the ongoing emissions-cheating debacle happening in the US. You can read Top Gear's take on that issue here.
A promising European midsize sedan
Volkswagens may not be a common sight on our roads, but this, we believe, is due to the unfamiliarity of our market to the German carmaker's lineup beyond the Beetle, as well as the deep entrenchment of the Japanese car brands.
Called Honda Cars Manila Bay
You usually drive to a car dealership to shop for a new ride or to have your vehicle serviced. Soon, you'll troop to Aseana Business Park to visit Honda Cars Manila Bay not only for car-purchasing and vehicle-servicing needs,
Part of its corporate social responsibility
It's refreshing to take a break from the whole car-launch (speech, presentation, dancers, smoke, photos) routine sometimes. So today's event held by Volkswagen Philippines was a welcome break from the usual motoring event template.In a simple ceremony, Volkswagen
Can you guess the car?
Today, we met Automobile Central Enterprise president and CEO John Philip Orbeta for the first time. ACE is the new distributor of Volkswagen in the Philippines. Orbeta seems to be a nice, jolly fellow, and should prove ideal for a rebuilding brand.
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