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Not as fast as the 2012 GT-R though
Nissan has finally revealed the performance statistics of its Juke-R and here are the numbers: its 3.8-liter V6 twin turbo engine sourced from a GT-R puts out 485hp, propelling the Juke-R supercar crossover concept from zero to
To get shaken down and tested
Nissan has finally completed building the Juke-R and has put the one-off crossover sport-utility vehicle through its paces.According to Nissan, the Juke-R was first given a shakedown at the Motor Industry Research Association proving ground in the
What do you think?
Nissan has finally revealed in the metal the insane Juke-R crossover at an event staged by the Japanese carmaker in Spain recently.According to Nissan, the "Juke-R continues to create a huge reaction," which is understandable since cramming the GT-
But you can't have it
Nissan has officially announced that it is working on a different kind of hybrid by fitting the GT-R's drivetrain into the body of the Juke crossover SUV.Nissan calls the Juke-R a crossover that thinks it's a GT-
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