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Families will love this
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.It's not every day that a minivan rolls into the Top Gear garage, so you can imagine the joy on our faces when
An ideal barkada getaway vehicle
We're assuming most of you guys are headed out of town for the upcoming Holy Week break. Whether it's out to the beach for a weekend under the sun, or to far-flung provinces to visit the relatives, you've
Will team be as tough as it sounds?
The Kia Carnival PBA team is no more. Well, at least in name. Philippine Basketball Association fans will now be referring to the expansion team as the Mahindra Enforcers--named after the rugged Indian utility vehicle recently chosen by the Philippine National
Located in Calapan City
If you're curious about the new Kia Grand Carnival and Sorento, and you live on the island of Mindoro, you have reason to be happy. The brand-new Kia Calapan dealership just opened, with the showroom capable of accommodating 16 display
What could the reason be?
After being launched globally this year, it's almost a given that the all-new Kia Sorento and Carnival would be introduced locally by authorized Kia distributor Columbian Autocar Corporation. However, our source from within the company told us that while the
Comes with 3.3-liter V6 for US market
Last week, Kia revealed that it was launching an all-new MPV at the 2014 New York Auto Show. The only problem was that the Korean carmaker failed to disclose what model this would effectively replace.Well, Kia has finally revealed what
Could this be the all-new Carnival?
Kia has revealed that it will unveil an all-new MPV at the 2014 New York Auto Show, which the Korean carmaker claims "will challenge the segment."According to Kia, the MPV will offer the functionality to transport as many as eight
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Dear Botchi:I want to start by saying I am a fan, and I read your work quite often. I once congratulated you on your work when I saw you at a Subaru dealership. I was there looking for a larger car,
We have it on good authority
While Kia has yet to reveal what the next-generation Carnival actually looks like--not even a sketch from the Korean carmaker\'s design studio is available--the president of its local distributor, Columbian Autocar Corporation, gave us a brief description of
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Hi, Botchi. I hope you can help my family pick the right vehicle. We are a family of four, including two children below two years of age. Thus, we need a vehicle that will hold two child seats, but at the same
Help our letter sender decide
Dear Botchi,We are family of five and often take one yaya along with us when we go out on weekends. We are replacing our Toyota Innova and deciding between a Kia Carnival LWB EX model and the new Toyota Fortuner A/
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