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Could this mean the Kia Sonet is finally headed to production?
The new design gets an A+
We car guys love to rub elbows and spout off about engine performance, fuel economy, aerodynamics, and whatever else. We scoff at the so-called fools who only praise cars for their looks, especially when they use words like "cute." Ugh, shudder
Good news for car shoppers
Columbian Autocar Corporation-Kia's official Philippine distributor-has opened its first-ever mall dealership, making the Korean carmaker's passenger vehicles more accessible and convenient to the local motoring public than ever before.The launch of the new showroom coincided with
It's looking good
The fourth-generation Kia Rio has been launched in the Philippines, providing us with another interesting proposition in an increasingly competitive subcompact car scene. Right off the bat, the Korean promises a sporty new look and a more refined interior. Does it
With new variants of K2700 truck
Maybe it's just us, but we've been noticing more and more Kia vehicles out in the wild. The company has worked hard to shed its frumpy image in the Filipino consumer market and the results are starting to show. And
Just create your own distinct Kia beat
With more than 150,000 likes for its Facebook page, Kia Motors Philippines (Columbian Autocar Corporation) is tapping the social media by bringing the Korean carmaker's "A Different Beat" campaign to its customers and fans through the BeatPop and BeatMaker apps.
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