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As the Philippine automotive industry works toward getting back on its feet, the sales promos keep coming. And as we've been saying, if you're in the market for a brand-new car these days, you're in luck. One brand
Living up to its name
While our market has just welcomed back the presence of Kia (and along with it, an updated Sportage), the Korean carmaker has already introduced yet another facelift of its compact crossover, this time in the US. The 2020 Sportage has just debuted
Ride height is crucial
Dear Top Gear,My parents-due to age and health-now have a harder time getting in and out of a vehicle. Our sedan requires more lifting (from the knees) when alighting, while our SUV requires more climbing (with the arms) when
A new look for the compact SUV
Kia has just revealed the refreshed Sportage, and it sports a few new key changes.Tweaks to the exterior include new front and rear bumpers, redesigned lamps, and new 16-, 17- and 19-inch alloy wheels. There are also five new paint
Stylish, well-equipped and comfortable
Five years ago my wife decided to get a Kia Sportage. We liked the sophisticated styling, peppy drivetrain, and comprehensive list of features. As I'd had a good experience with the 2012 Hyundai Elantra (my first Korean car), she was willing
This one's going to be close
The Kia Sportage has always been one of those 'almost there' cars: always slightly behind the curve compared to the Japanese, but offering just enough style and charisma to appeal to customers wanting something a bit more. But with the latest generation,
More than meets the eye
This isn't the first time that we've driven the Kia Sportage GT Line. Test drive editor Jason Dela Cruz couldn't sing its praises enough when he found out that I was going to test drive this crossover. He already
It has an abundance of good looks and power
In the past few years, Kia vehicles have been a delight to drive, thanks to their top-notch quality and much-improved engineering. It's just too bad we don't have as many chances to sample these cars as we'd
Check this out first before buying one
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Let's face it: When we're buying a car, the headlights are probably the least of our concerns. And even when we do
Who saw this coming, seriously?
Whether we admit it or not, many of us used to crack jokes about how cheap or odd-looking Kia vehicles were back then. The Pride, for one, was the butt of all harsh comments during its heyday in the early '90s.
A journey to take you places
Recent studies indicate that half your brain stays awake whenever you sleep someplace new, alert for any possible danger. Which is probably why I found myself oddly awake at four in the morning in a strange bed, hours before sunrise. It takes
An epic drive down under
Four days. That's how long the assignment to drive and document the all-new Kia Sportage in Australia took. But believe me, those four days were not enough to soak in every detail needed to provide an extensive review of the
The crossover's sportiest model yet
If you're into dynamic-looking rides, then you're going to love the all-new Kia Sportage. Two units of the Korean compact SUV's fourth-generation model were on display at its official launch today in Capitol Commons in Pasig
Based on the character of Mystique
The X-Men may have first appeared in comic books in the early 1960s, yet to this day, these mutants-turned-heroes continue to wow the world with their superhuman abilities. Serving proof are the numerous movies that rake in big money
Shaping up to be a promising model
A couple of months back, we gave you a peek at the all-new fourth-generation Kia Sportage. Those of you who caught that piece may have noticed a more premium-looking compact SUV from the Korean brand. Sure, it may have
This or stablemate Hyundai Tucson?
Last month, we recently showed you an image or two of what the new Kia Sportage would look like. While it was pretty much a sketch released by the Korean carmaker, it did give us a good idea of what the next-
See the concept sketches
When we think of Kia, we sometimes wonder why it's not doing as well as Hyundai in our market. Its cars are at least equally good-looking--maybe more so if we look at the recently launched Sorento and Grand Carnival.
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Hi, Botchi. It's my first time to buy a new car, and I want to seek your advice. I'm a family man with a two-year-old son. I've been browsing the web to check out cars, and my
More value than ever
Until the end of the month, Columbian Autocar Corporation, the distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, is bringing down the prices of the Carens and the Sportage as part of its "Hot Summer Deals" promo.From P1.155 million, the Carens
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Greetings, sir Botchi!Dude, I love your answers--they\'re very practical and objective. I\'m planning to buy my first vehicle early next year, but the only vehicle I\'m slightly knowledgeable about is Batman\'s Tumbler.Can you please help
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