And the most improved SUV award goes to...
Kia's global lineup has continued to grow more and more exciting over the past few years. The Korean carmaker has completely revamped its lineup with a handful of next-generation models sporting the brand's new design language.Towards the end
Excited for this EV?
When Kia unveiled the EV6 a while back, it was big news. Not just because it was the first all-electric vehicle from the Korean carmaker in a while, but also because it was a really good EV at that. All the
A Kia off-roader? That's electric?
When we say 'off-roading', what do you immediately think of? Land Cruisers, probably, Land Rovers if you're British and Wranglers if you very much aren't. Or perhaps that the entire endeavour could only be more tedious if you had
This thing has one distinct advantage
To be honest, if we purchased vehicles solely for getting around, not as many motorists would be throwing premiums at midsize SUVs and pickups. Instead, most of us would be behind the wheel of something like this.What is it? This tiny
Do you dig the new design?
Many of us can probably agree that Kia has quite the looker with the Seltos. The subcompact crossover had the brand's new signature tiger-nose grille with that rugged exterior that all added to the rather stylish package.It appears Kia
Four dealerships in one
One of the hassles in the car buying process is having to hop from one brand's dealership to another's. This is especially true for new car owners who have little to no idea what exactly it is they want to
The India-built SUV has six standard airbags but has passenger-protection issues
The Kia Carens officially made a comeback at the end of 2021 as a three-row SUV in India. We said back then that it might be a good fit for Philippine roads. Now, though, we think you might have doubts about
Set to start operations in 2025
Kia has announced that it is building a new factory that will produce a whole host of different electric commercial vehicles, with plans for it to become "a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions" and "a PBV (Purpose Built Vehicles) leader by
Anyone else miss this thing?
The Kia Soul? Sure, the thing wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it was still a bummer to see it leave the Philippine market and we still kind of miss the quirky little runabout to this day.The good news
This might be the best Kia we’ll never see in our market
After just a little over three years, Kia is now updating its America-built SUV, the Telluride. The new model gets a refreshed look, a chic-looking interior, added tech, and new trim levels. Let's take a look.The design isn'
How faithful will it be to the concept?
You remember the Kia EV9 concept, don't you? Big, boxy-looking thing revealed late last year, looks like a Soul EV but fancier? That's the one.Well, it's going into production next year. Hooray! This is all part of
Does dealership appearance matter to you?
Ultimately, the car buying experience boils down to what a brand's ride has to offer. You can't deny, though, that how the dealership experience is presented factors in, too. A poorly maintained showroom can raise a question mark or two
As well as an entry-level electric passenger car
Kia boss Ho-Sung Song has announced a fairly major future plan at the company's 2022 CEO Investor Day, including an aim to launch two new Kia electric vehicle models every year from 2023 to 2027. What markets and countries those
X-Tomi Design has done its work on the Korean carmaker’s new EV
X-Tomi Design- known for turning sedans into wagons and sports coupes into convertibles-is back with yet another rework of another popular car: the Kia EV6.And yes, though we don't have it here, the EV6 actually is quite popular
A shame we don’t get this in our market
Internal combustion purists, it's time to sound the alarms: Another electric vehicle has nabbed a Car of the Year award.This year's European Car of the Year winner is the Kia EV6, which impressed judges with a well-rounded package
In the market for a minivan?
If you're talking family vehicles, usually the first couple of models to come to mind-at least in the Philippine market-are midsize SUVs or large vans like the Toyota Hiace. That's fine, considering those are two of the most
Electric cars dominated ad space this year
The Super Bowl can be a pretty big deal here at Top Gear Philippines-not because we're excited to see a high-stakes game of pigskin being thrown around, but because US car manufacturers go all out for the ads they
South Korean car manufacturers are now apparently the most reliable in the US market. The latest J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study ranked Kia, Hyundai, and Genesis among the region's most dependable brands.Kia took the top spot in the 2022
The new electric offering has just been unveiled in the US
Kia previously confirmed that hybrid Sportages would be available in the future, and it's already started rolling out the electrified models to more markets. Now, the plug-in hybrid version has just landed in the US market.No changes here design-
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