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Aventador SC18 and racing-spec Urus? They got nothin’ on these
A celebration of noise and hp
Yep, that's a pink Lamborghini, on the streets of Tokyo. How very Midnight Club. It was just one of more than 65 cars that formed a procession last week, as Lamborghini took to the streets of Japan's thriving capital city
Only 20 will be made
Pebble Beach has turned up another pricey supercar convertible in the shape of this, the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster.It's somewhat pricier than the Aston Martin Zagato Volante-at 2 million euros (P105.14 million) plus tax-but at least it's
Built for Ferruccio's 100th birthday
It's an accepted fact that the only thing better than a Lamborghini is a limited-edition Lamborghini. Through the years, our imagination has been fired up by radical Lambos: the stealth-fighter-inspired Reventon, the jaw-dropping Sesto Elemento, and the
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