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Aventador SC18 and racing-spec Urus? They got nothin’ on these
The history of Lamborghini isn't worth repeating here, because as paid-up members of this ol' Internet Enthusiasts Club, you'll know it verbatim: Ferrucio Lamborghini wanted to outdo Enzo Ferrari, so he started his own company. Bedlam ensued.An interesting
But it's not yet on Google Map's Street View tour
Lamborghini has added a new car to its museum, and it's the one-off single-seater Egoista, which the Italian carmaker debuted last year as Volkswagen Group design head Walter De Silva's tribute to the brand's 50th anniversary.The
In honor of the Lamborghini Egoista
To celebrate the launch of the Lamborghini Egoista, a car built specifically for the selfish, we check out several other single-seaters that appeal to those who simply don\'t want to share. Carver OneThis is technically not a car--it\'s
Volkswagen\'s gift to Lamborghini
Walter de Silva, head of design for Volkswagen Group, Lamborghini\'s parent company, revealed the German carmaker\'s gift to the Italian brand as the latter celebrates its 50th anniversary: the one-off one-seater called Lamborghini Egoista.\"I am very attached
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