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A DeLorean in anything other than bare stainless steel just looks weird
Disclaimer: Not all of them are practical
The replacement for the iconic DS used floating cylinders as instruments, rotating to display speed and revs as the driver gazed through the single-spoke steering wheel. For the sanitized facelift, they were binned. Boo.Well, if you're going to reclothe
Via Google Maps
With a round-trip airplane ticket to Bologna, Italy, costing from over $1,400 to nearly $8,000, Lamborghini is giving you the next best thing to visiting its museum by putting it up on Google Maps.Thanks to Google\'s street-
In case you're insanely rich and want one
If you're a member of the plutocracy and you missed out on the chance to buy the rarest of Lamborghinis--the one-off Aventador J that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last March--then this might assuage your regret: A
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