Just in time for election season
The current Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series was first introduced in 2007. Receiving only some minor tech and styling updates in the last eight years, the big SUV is finally ready for its first--and long overdue--major refresh.On the outside,
With modern refinements, of course
The term "retroing" is popular in the world of sneakers, where Adidas and Nike revive popular models for wide release. But, thankfully, it seems carmakers also do rereleases. Toyota just announced that it will once again sell the 70 Series-generation of
Fresh look for a top-of-the-line SUV
Toyota Motor Philippines has launched the new Land Cruiser 200 with a fresh look for 2012 buyers.Giving the 2012 Land Cruiser a boost in the looks department include a new front grille, new daytime running lights and new fog lamps.The
Looks better, even more capable off-road
In production since 2007, the current-generation Toyota Land Cruiser has been updated in other markets not just with new exterior and interior styling tweaks, but with the latest technologies that give the SUV even greater off-road driving capability.For its
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi! First, let me commend you for your column. It's very informative and I enjoy reading it very much. My dad is looking to buy a new sport-utility vehicle. We're having quite a hard time choosing between the
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