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Land Rover can't just stop rolling out the Defender Classic
Land Rover's Classic division has found 25 Defenders down the back of a factory sofa in Solihull and plans to sell them with a camouflage-style livery inspired by places around the world the venerable off-roader has driven over.Each
It certainly looks like a proper off-roader
Planning on using your Defender for more than just the school run? Then this could be right up your street. Meet rally raid specialists Bowler's 'Extreme' Defender conversion.This is designed for classic Defender 90, 110, and 130 variants. The obvious
Land Rover claims the third row can fit three adults
This is the new Land Rover Defender 130, the longest and, um, seat-iest new Defender yet revealed. In short, it's a Defender that's been stretched to house eight adult humans in one chassis.Eight seats. Two up front, three
The more the merrier
Land Rover has confirmed that it will reveal a giant, eight-seat version of the new Defender on May 31, 2022.The extended Defender will be badged 130 and will join the 90, the 110 , and the commercial hardtop in the range.
This one-off will be auctioned off for the Royal Air Forces Association
Yes, it's another restomodded Land Rover Defender, but as you might have guessed from the images here, this one is inspired by the iconic double-rotor Chinook helicopter, which somehow celebrated its 40th year of active service in 2021. How time
Which one got it right?
Reimagining an icon. The bigger the icon, the more the agonizing that goes into it. And recently, two of the biggest have been revived. And what's more, the Volkswagen ID Buzz and Land Rover Defender have interesting pointers for each other.
Which one would you go for?
Desperate to spend your money on a V8-powered a short-wheelbase Land Rover Defender 90, but can't bring yourself to buy a V8 direct from JLR? Well, your prayers may have been answered by Dutch coachbuilder Niels van Roij.Get
What will they think of next?
Remember DAMD? If the name doesn't ring a bell, let us refresh your memory. The company made waves not too long ago after giving the Suzuki Jimny a face transplant and replacing its mug with that of a Mercedes-Benz G-
Its super-smooth exterior is the work of an ex-Bugatti designer
This is a new, one-of-five restomod from Land Rover Defender fanatics Arkonik, and although it focuses on simplicity and takes perhaps the most severe less-is-more approach possible, it'll set you back $240,000 (P12.1 million). Yikes.
We like a good comeback
Famously, only the door-handle button, the headlight washer nozzles, the sun visors, and the spare wheel cover are the parts carried over from the last-gen G-Wagen. Still looks broadly the same, too, if a little beefier.It's now
As in Defender V8 Bond Edition
Bond is back. Nearly. Almost. After an interminable delay caused by you-know-what, Daniel Craig's latest turn as the world's most conspicuous spy in No Time to Die is coming to a cinema near you (well, if where you
Not a lot of people expected these things to become racing machines
Driver Ricky Rydell had literally no idea Volvo wanted to stuff a square into a circle-shaped hole. "When I signed up for Volvo and TWR around Christmas 1993, I didn't know about the estate plans," he said. "If I'
You can see the love they put into the work
Oh, hello there. You've clicked on a link because you saw a cool-looking Land Rover and likely thought, 'Yeah, that's worth a few minutes of my time to check out.' But think about what you're actually doing-you'
Real-world all-electric range is around 32km
Correct. On the outside at least, the new Defender P400e looks almost identical to its combustion-engined siblings. The only giveaway to its electrified nature is the newly sprouted charging flap on the left rear flank.In all other ways, this is
Meet the Defender 90-based Defender Challenge Series rally car
Finally, following a buyout by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division at the end of 2019, Bowler is back.Yep, this is its all-new Defender Challenge rally car. As you can see, it's based on the new Defender
The all-new model has been polarizing to the Defender faithful
Nothing has been more polarizing to the 4x4/off-road/overland community-especially to those of the Land Rover Defender faithful-than the introduction of the new Defender. To a lot of the old Defender owners like yours truly, its cult status
We give it a proper off-road test
The new Land Rover Defender-one side has given it much praise, while on the other side of the fence, there are those picking up torches and pitchforks for a lynching suited for Frankenstein. As a previous-gen owner, I'll hold
Think the Defender has a shot at driving on another planet?
Sir Richard Branson may be a billionaire and all, but he did take quite the risk flying into space on board Virgin Galactic's 'Unity 22' mission. Leaving our atmosphere is still kind of dangerous territory. Judging by Branson's past endeavors,
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