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We could use this here
The Red Cross sure is beefing up its fleet. Recently, we reported that a one-off Nissan Titan emergency-response pickup truck was donated to the American Red Cross. Now, it looks like Land Rover is following in the Japanese carmaker'
Happy International Dog Appreciation Day!
In case you didn't know, August 26 is International Dog Appreciation Day. Now, our appreciation of dogs never takes a day off, but it's nice to know the world's most reliable source of online video humor gets its own
Built for the outdoors
Off-road vehicles, like the Land Rover Discovery, are built to endure whatever Mother Nature can throw at them. Sticks and stones are no big deal for these behemoths. Smartphones, which most people buy screen protectors and cases for before they even
Say hello to the Discovery SVX
If you own a new Land Rover Discovery, lack of off-road ability probably isn't top of your list of complaints, but the company's special vehicle operations (SVO) department doesn't care-it's built the ultimate off-road Disco
This SUV uses a drone for rescue purposes
Quick: What's one of the first things a relief operation needs to establish in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster? Maybe a source of food and water, or some shelter and transportation? Well, you're not wrong, but a line
Using an online configurator
There wasn't really much to 'spec' on an old Land Rover Discovery. When the first Disco came along with its Morris Marina door handles and Austin Maestro rear lights, you basically chose the color and then set about getting your paintwork
Is this the ultimate family SUV?
If the new Land Rover Discovery--revealed today ahead of its Paris Motor Show public debut--doesn't look that radical to you, that's probably because it's very similar (read: identical) to 2014's New York Vision Concept, or indeed
Owned by members of brand's car club
Our country's motoring community is teeming with countless car clubs. And this is in no small way due to the fact that most Filipinos have no loyalty. Just look at our political scene. Everyone puts together his own group because everyone
By launching a heritage division
For many car enthusiasts, restoring or maintaining their cherished ride is the way to go. Sure, there are other automobiles out there. But nothing beats preserving a prized beauty, especially if it's a classic.One of the favorite vehicle projects for
To be sold alongside current-model Discovery
Months after continually teasing us with clues about the first model to be produced out of its spun-off Discovery badge, Land Rover has finally revealed in full the Discovery Sport.The design approach to the Discovery Sport defines the new Discovery
Prior to its global launch
In April, Land Rover revealed that it was spinning off the Discovery nameplate into a new line of vehicles, with the first model to be called the Discovery Sport.With the vehicle's global debut on September 2 drawing near, the British
To go on sale in 2015
Land Rover shared a week ago that the Discovery nameplate will become a family of vehicles, with a look that's based on the Discovery Vision Concept that debuted at the 2014 New York Auto Show.Well, the British SUV maker recently
Discovery nameplate to become a family of vehicles
In 2015, the all-new Land Rover Discovery is scheduled to be launched globally. But before it happens, the British vehicle manufacturer is giving us a glimpse of what its future family of Discovery vehicles might look like with the Discovery Vision
Do not baby it
Most urban dwellers who own an SUV--even those that feature four-wheel-drive capability--underutilize their vehicle by using it mainly to drive around the city and never once leaving the pavement. In the Philippines especially, big luxury sport-utes are
To be revealed at New York Auto Show
Land Rover will give everyone a glimpse of the design direction its Discovery SUV will take through the Discovery Vision Concept, which the British carmaker will debut at the 2014 New York Auto Show this month.According to Land Rover, the Discovery
Now that's what you call 'off-road'
From Land Rover's Instagram account. Follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram.
Simply called XXV
The Land Rover Discovery was first introduced to the world in 1989. If you know your basic math, that was 25 years ago, a milestone we humans like to celebrate. So celebrate is what the British SUV specialist does as it releases
Revealed by brand's design boss
The Range Rover Evoque generated more than 100,000-unit sales in a span of a year to push Land Rover's sales to record numbers. Hoping to equal what the Evoque did for the Range Rover line, the British carmaker is
Not bad for a brand-new vehicle
After nearly two straight months on the road, the one-millionth Land Rover Discovery has finished its Journey of Discovery, the British carmaker's biggest modern-day overland expedition, by reaching its finish line in perfect time to appear at the Beijing
That's one long road trip
Land Rover has produced the one-millionth Discovery sport-utility vehicle at its Solihull manufacturing plant near Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The landmark unit, however, won't go to a dealership to be bought by a private owner. To celebrate this
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