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For safer cars
Subaru's driver-assistance system will finally reach the Japanese carmaker's production vehicles later this year as it becomes an added option to the Legacy and Outback models in the United States.The EyeSight, as the system is called, basically integrates
We think it looks good
The much-awaited BRZ two-door coupe isn't the only car that will aim to impress in Subaru's corner when the doors of the Tokyo Motor Show. The Japanese carmaker will also show off what could be the next-generation
See the reasons and why you shouldn't worry
Subaru is recalling select batches of four models for two different problems, the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.According to the NHTSA, Subaru is recalling Impreza and Forester models manufactured between September 5, 2000, and November 26, 2007, over
Not your typical family man's car
For most guys, being referred to as "mukhang tatay" is insulting, as it often invokes an image of a man with love handles, a growing beer belly, and a head of hair that's as bald as the Sierra Madre mountains.When
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi!I want to get your opinion on my midsize sedan options. I have narrowed my choices down to the Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy sedan and the new Hyundai Sonata.I have gone through your posts, and the Legacy trumps the
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