For those who can't afford a new unit
Our art director Raynand Olarte recently shared the things he'd learned from owning a new car. Having been in that position, I can relate to everything he said. However, after just a few years of owning a car, I discovered another
Both hybrid vehicles
When we see the words "Toyota" and "recall," it's easy to panic considering how many cars on the road have the Japanese brand's badge. After we posted our story yesterday about the worldwide recall program, a lot of owners were
Including 3 models sold in PH
Toyota announced late last week that it would be recalling around 3.37 million vehicles globally because of possible defects in their airbag inflators and a separate issue regarding their emission control units.According to a report by Reuters, the possible airbag
An ode to an ex-partner
It was the name I had wanted to give to my first daughter. But being single and not having any children, it seemed apt at the time to name my car Amber. She was a scarlet-red Toyota 86, delivered a few
Including F Sport variant
The Lexus CT200h finally wears the spindle grille, and Lexus Manila is already selling this face-lifted version. At the official launch of the Lexus Gallery boutique store in Robinsons Magnolia yesterday, the distributor of the Japanese luxury car brand also presented
More pronounced this time around
As far as we\'re concerned, the now-familiar spindle grille on all Lexus models really started with the CT200h back in 2010, even if the official position of the Japanese luxury carmaker is that the brand-identifying grille truly debuted on
For one whole year...on top of cash component
Filipino professional golfer Juvic Pagunsan is pursuing perfection on the global stage of his sport, so luxury carmaker Lexus has decided to partner with him for one full year. The 34-year-old Pagunsan, who turned pro in 2006, won the Asian
Can you guess the most successful model?
Lexus has now sold over 506,000 units of its Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles, seven years after the first RX400h took to the road in 2005.In the first year that Lexus marketed its hybrid vehicles, it sold 26,000 units. As
More powerful hybrids
Lexus is set to debut two vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week: a hybrid variant of its GS midsize luxury sports sedan and a sport version of its CT200h.Nearly a month after Toyota's luxury car brand launched the
Runs the race from start to finish
It isn't only Nissan that's looking to make alternative-energy-powered vehicles into true race cars as other carmakers also have the same idea. Lexus, as a matter of fact, recently fielded a modified version of the Lexus CT200h in
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