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Seven years in the making
The upcoming fifth-generation Toyota Supra-unveiled as a prototype at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, and built in tandem with the new BMW Z4-took seven years to build."The normal cycle for car development is around three years," explains
A good thing or a bad thing?
While a handful of concept vehicles unveiled at motor shows never make it to production, many of them come back to auto exhibitions ready to take on the market. Case in point: the Lexus LC500. Launched in the Philippine market in 2017,
See what we gave him
The boy you see here is Chester Pasumbal, a nine-year-old kid whose photo recently became viral online. Last December 26, we posted a photo on our Facebook page, showing a boy at the back of a dilapidated jeepney pulling a
The RC sports coupe is here
In a simple and elegant ceremony on Tuesday night, Lexus Manila debuted the RC coupe in its showroom. This exciting two-door model represents the luxury carmaker's return to the premium-coupe category.Well, you might say the IS convertible and
Yeah...just another
From Lexus's Instagram account. Follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram.
For all the collectors out there
Our boss, Summit Media president Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, cut the ribbon at yesterday's formal launch of the Lexus Gallery in Robinsons Magnolia. To show their appreciation, Lexus Manila chairman Alfred Ty and president Danny Isla gifted her with a special-edition
With bigger 5.3-liter V10 engine
Toyota has revealed that it will run a sports car research vehicle based on the Lexus LFA at the Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurace Race, which will take place in June. Toyota made the announcement at the opening of the 2014 Tokyo Auto
Because of gray-market LFAs
When Lexus Manila officially opened its doors to the Philippine market in January 2009, it initiated a policy that would dissuade people from buying gray-market Lexus models. That\'s by charging owners who bought Lexus vehicles outside of the dealership a
A fortune, obviously
In our October 2013 issue, features editor Dinzo Tabamo wrote about his experience babysitting the Lexus LFA and mentioned that the lone official unit in the country brought in by Lexus Manila \"was repaired recently\" due to an accident at Clark International
Know the list
On August 10 to 18, Toyota Motor Philippines is staging an exclusive motor show called \"The World of Toyota,\" which is still part of the celebration of the company\'s 25th anniversary. We\'ve told you that two concept cars--the Toyota
Experience of a lifetime
In October 2011, Lexus Manila formally presented the first LFA to ever arrive on our shores. Sporting a white paint job, the supercar is reportedly the 161st in only 500 LFA units that the Japanese carmaker produced. The dealership then proceeded to
Owners now truly an exclusive club
True to its promise, Lexus is only producing 500 units of its LFA supercar. And production is now officially over, as the 500th unit has rolled off the Toyota City facility, the Japanese automaker announced yesterday. You will recall that the first
Gorgeous sum of the parts
The Toyota 86 may be a joint project with Subaru, which offers the identical BRZ, but one look around the 86 and you'll notice that its styling is reminiscent of past Toyotas:* The front end looks very much like the seventh (
Check out the time
Lexus has just staged a stunt race in Colorado in the United States, in which it pitted its LFA supercar (with the Nurburgring package) against an Eclipse 500 executive jet.Now, you're probably wondering why Lexus chose to race the LFA
Can you guess how much it is?
After nearly a year of being coy about the price of its 'Whitest White' LFA--the 161st of the 500 units that will be produced by Toyota's luxury brand--Lexus Manila now has put a price on its supercar: P34.8
Nissan has a brilliant idea
In a grand automotive event like the 4th Philippine International Motor Show, car companies do their best to one-up each other with attention-grabbing booth displays. They all want their corner to be the most visited of the lot. After all,
Courtesy of gray market
Lexus Manila's solitary white LFA now has a sibling unit in the Philippines. A red LFA was brought in by a gray-market vendor in Quezon City, and was promptly sold to a loaded buyer. The photo you see above is
Ferrari owners seem to indicate as much
Lexus's top technical guy, Paul Williamsen, tells us a story about the LFA supercar. One time, while his team was driving it around in the US, they ran into a group of Ferrari owners. The latter were surprised when they found
And if your name is Tony Hawk
Let's say you're Tony Hawk. Yes, the globally famous superstar skateboarder. Let's say Lexus lends you a $400,000 special unit of the LFA supercar for your birthday weekend, what will you do with it?Turns out the above
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