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Lexus is going to build an electrified halo performance car that'll take over the very polished baton passed on by the old V10-engined LFA supercar. Currently, it resides under the name 'Electrified Sport,' and points to a future where EVs
Let’s hope
Lexus is continuing with the development of what we-and Lexus-are happy to call the "LFA successor." It was shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, albeit as a concept, the Electrified Sports. But a production car will be a thing,
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If you're an avid follower of Top Gear Philippines and our various content, then you may have seen our previous showcase of the Lexus LFA-we're shamelessly plugging it here in case you haven't seen it yet.The LFA
From May 19 to 22
Have you ever seen a Lexus LFA in person? Considering only 500 of them were ever made, we reckon many of you guys will answer in the negative here. If you've ever wanted to catch one in the metal, Lexus Philippines
This electric supercar is set to be launched by 2030
Lexus has revealed a few more pictures of the electric car that'll 'revive' the spirit of the V10-engined LFA. There's no name just yet, but there will be before it arrives in 2030.It's just one of a
It’ll do 0-100kph in the low-twos and have a cruising range of over 700km
Toyota boss Akio Toyoda has revealed that Lexus intends on building a fully-electric supercar that embodies the spirit of the V10-engined LFA.On a relatively slow news day for the Japanese carmaker where it announced the small matter of 30
Do you think this is worth P34.59 million?
Seriously, what is it with Lexus LFA owners not driving their cars? We recently saw a barely-driven model-number 184 of 500-being sold on BringATrailer. Now, we get to see yet another low-mileage LFA being auctioned off on the
There’s more to it than being Toyota’s luxury brand
Lexus is a luxury car brand owned by Toyota. It was founded in the '80s, around the same time rivals Honda and Nissan were launching their Acura and Infiniti brands, respectively, in an attempt to make inroads into the premium-car sector.
This thing looks like it just rolled out of the factory yesterday
The Lexus LFA is a bit of a unicorn, as only 500 of these were ever built in two years of production. That's why you can be damn sure whenever we find one being sold at an auction, we'll happily
Because we're geeks like that
Lamborghini was so proud of its Aventador rolling chassis, it chose to reveal images of the car's carbon tub, pushrod suspension, and 694hp V12 all bolted together without bodywork on top first. Which is a bit like sending a naked selfie
Recognize any of these?
What made the Lotus Elise so light? Aluminum. Specifically, the process of aluminum extrusions, which basically involves squeezing a big block of the metal out of a smaller hole, then chopping up the squeezed result and bonding it together with adhesive.Result?
That’s actually an amazing feat
Essentially, this page is merely a gateway, an excuse to stare at and fondly remember the Lexus LFA. Heck, if we didn't do this every once in a while, we'd be sad.However, holstered onto this mule is some actual
Each one is a gearhead favorite
Gordon Murray's long-awaited T.50 supercar (that's it, above) features a 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine from Cosworth, and it will rev right up to 12,100rpm. That makes it the highest-revving production car ever made,
Disclaimer: Not all of them are practical
The replacement for the iconic DS used floating cylinders as instruments, rotating to display speed and revs as the driver gazed through the single-spoke steering wheel. For the sanitized facelift, they were binned. Boo.Well, if you're going to reclothe
Seven years in the making
The upcoming fifth-generation Toyota Supra-unveiled as a prototype at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, and built in tandem with the new BMW Z4-took seven years to build."The normal cycle for car development is around three years," explains
A good thing or a bad thing?
While a handful of concept vehicles unveiled at motor shows never make it to production, many of them come back to auto exhibitions ready to take on the market. Case in point: the Lexus LC500. Launched in the Philippine market in 2017,
See what we gave him
The boy you see here is Chester Pasumbal, a nine-year-old kid whose photo recently became viral online. Last December 26, we posted a photo on our Facebook page, showing a boy at the back of a dilapidated jeepney pulling a
The RC sports coupe is here
In a simple and elegant ceremony on Tuesday night, Lexus Manila debuted the RC coupe in its showroom. This exciting two-door model represents the luxury carmaker's return to the premium-coupe category.Well, you might say the IS convertible and
Yeah...just another
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