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The Japanese flagship is now turbocharged
We still remember when the fourth-generation Lexus LS arrived in our market, brought in by the newly-established Lexus Manila dealership. We marveled at its stately looks, clean design and eight-speed automatic transmission-which was kind of revolutionary at the
At the North American International Motor Show
The new year is fast approaching. For automotive enthusiasts, that means a whole new set of cars to look forward to and eventually ogle. Lexus will ride this feel-good wave as it introduces an all-new model at the North American
When luxury gets a mean streak
For no apparent reason at all other than to simply show off what it can do, Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has revealed what it calls the TMG Sports 650 concept on its Facebook fan page.To debut at the Essen Motor Show,
Are the new features worth it?
Lexus Manila is set to launch this evening the refreshed LS, which the Japanese luxury car brand first revealed in August.With the new LS460L priced at P7.388 million for the five-seat variant and P8.378 million for the four-
With first-ever F Sport version to boot
It was really only a matter of time before Lexus slapped its favorite design element of the moment--the spindle grille--onto the face of its flagship LS sedan. That moment has arrived, as the Japanese luxury car brand has introduced a
The brand's 14th in the last 23 years
Lexus has once again been named by J.D. Power and Associates the top carmaker in its 2012 Initial Quality Study. This places Toyota's luxury car brand in the enviable position of bagging the award in 14 of the last 23
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