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That's the LX570 we're referring to
You might have noticed on the news that President Aquino rides a white Toyota Land Cruiser to official engagements. Or you might have encountered his long presidential convoy on the road and personally seen the SUV with a '1' license plate.Well,
But only for the Russian market for now
The Toyota Land Cruiser is possibly the best SUV you can buy in its price range. If your budget is bigger, then its Lexus twin, the LX570, is waiting in Lexus Manila's spa-like showroom.But one thing that made us
Do you like the appearance?
Lexus seems to be on a mission to convince the world that it is one of the most stylish carmakers in the business. We say this because the Japanese premium marque has chosen the pomp and glamor of the annual Pebble Beach
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Hi, Botchi. I need your opinion. I\'m looking for a replacement for my reliable 10-year-old Nissan Frontier, which I use for business and personal purposes. I thought of getting the highly praised Ford Ranger, but no 3.2L is
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