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Available with 30% downpayment and 24- or 36-month payment terms
Specifications, features and prices
Like the cars it sells, Lexus Manila hosts events that are classy and relaxed. The already spiffy showroom is dressed up even more, a musical performance is staged, and delicious catered food is served. But last Thursday night, we noticed right away
When luxury and elegance come together
There's "luxury" and then there's "elegance." A luxury car can affirm your status in life and pamper with all sorts of features, but it won't necessarily be "elegant." Over a weekend driving the Lexus RX450h, I kept thinking of
Can you guess the most successful model?
Lexus has now sold over 506,000 units of its Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles, seven years after the first RX400h took to the road in 2005.In the first year that Lexus marketed its hybrid vehicles, it sold 26,000 units. As
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