The carmaker claims this is the world’s first tattooed car
Obviously, you can't really tattoo a car because it's made of hard, unyielding metal instead of soft, absorbent skin. But what Lexus and experienced tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe have achieved with this UX is pretty damn close.The six-
In partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation
Some cars find their way into our hearts with their gorgeous design, outrageous speed, or astonishing capabilities. But this new vehicle from Lexus, despite not having any of those qualities, tugs at the heartstrings in its own way.This tiny truck sporting
The same J.D. Power study shows Genesis as the most dependable brand
J.D. Power has released the results of its 2020 US Vehicle Dependability Study, and it's clear that vehicle owners are now finding that cars are becoming more reliable than ever.The study measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles (
In case the Toyota Alphard won’t cut it
If you've ever visited a Toyota showroom to check out the Alphard and thought "this won't do," you'll be happy to know Lexus will soon be offering an alternative-and a much pricier, much more lavish, and much more
Ever dream of owning one?
If you're still in denial over China's growing role in shaping the global auto industry, here's one more thing to help you reconsider: The People's Republic isn't just the industry's manufacturing behemoth, its consumers also gobble
Always good to think ahead
Let's be realistic-humankind isn't going to colonize the moon anytime soon. But when it does, Lexus is ready and waiting to supply the vehicles we'll need to traverse the rocky lunar landscape.Well we say 'ready'-we doubt
The proceeds will go towards good causes
You might have caught the news that the very first mid-engined C8 Corvette recently sold for the rather hefty sum of $ 3million (around P153.13 million). The 'Vette crossed the block for charity at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, though it
Launched during the 2020 Singapore Motor Show
The 2020 Singapore Motor Show saw the reveal of some pretty interesting cars, including the Lexus LC Special Edition pictured above. At first glance, you can say that it looks a lot like the current LC500-particularly this green-and-tan version-
That’s actually an amazing feat
Essentially, this page is merely a gateway, an excuse to stare at and fondly remember the Lexus LFA. Heck, if we didn't do this every once in a while, we'd be sad.However, holstered onto this mule is some actual
About time
Lexus has built a new engine for a new car that'll take on an old race. Behold, the Lexus LC Coupe, which will feature a new twin-turbo V8 ready for the 2020 edition of the 25 Hours Nürburgring.Not
It claims to have the quietest cabin in its class
Lexus revealed its global electrification strategy, 'Lexus Electrified,' during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Fast-forward a month later, and the Japanese carmaker has unveiled its first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV) at the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. Ladies and gentlemen,
V8 up front, drive at the back, sky all around
Well, that's a tonic for the senses, isn't it? This is the production version of a car we first saw at the start of the year. It's the Lexus LC500 Convertible, and it's quite lovely indeed. One might
Happening this weekend
Car manufacturers are exploring unique ways of introducing their brands to the public, and Lexus is at the forefront of that. Intersect by Lexus is one such exercise, with branches in Tokyo, New York, and Dubai. But Lexus Philippines has something up
And it has a hidden Easter egg
During our recent visit to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, our hosts, Toyota Motor PH and Lexus PH, decided to give a very special treat by bringing us to Intersect by Lexus for dinner and few drinks."Intersect by Lexus is our
Proof that electric cars can be exciting
Lexus unveiled its plans for an electrified future at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. And by the look of things, the brand has something special that can get even the most jaded car guys excited. There's no denying that the LF-
Like its new look?
Just when we think we've wrapped our heads around the car industry-able to second-guess each new car launch-something like the new Toyota Mirai happens. Joining the great motoring curveball hall of fame comes one of the biggest model
A side-by-side comparo between relatives
The Toyota Land Cruiser is said to be the world standard for what an all-terrain vehicle should be. It is one of the most durable and reliable trucks in the world and will handle just about any terrain you throw it
Yours for just $4 million
Yep, apparently Lexus does boats now, too. The LY650, the company's first 'luxury yacht,' is based on 2017's Sport Yacht Concept, and styled in collaboration with an Italian design studio called Nuvolari Lenard. Which is probably why it looks...nothing
Expect a myriad of added tech along with an improved ride and smoother handling
If you thought the Lexus RX Line was good enough already, then you're in for quite a treat: Toyota's luxury arm has announced that a refreshed version of the RX will hit the US market soon."The best-selling Lexus
But only in the US. Boo
Few automotive color schemes please the Top Gear office as much as green and tan. And few car layouts titillate us much as a front-mounted nat-asp V8 driving only the axle behind it. So, you can understand we've all
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