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A 600hp+ SUV that’s beautifully designed and deftly engineered
He's been gone almost 40 years, but when your founder was as charismatic and clever as Colin Chapman, the shadow that's cast is lengthy. 'Simplify, then add lightness' was his best-known mantra, so what would he have made of
We’ll know the full details very soon
Heads up, folks: British carmaker Lotus has announced that its new all-electric SUV will be called the Eletre, and we'll see it for the very first time at 7.30pm UK time on Tuesday, March 29th. That would be 2:
A fitting swan song for the brand’s last gasoline engine
Ah, you've spotted them. Yes, this white VP2 007 (is somebody trying to subconsciously fill us with warm, fuzzy Bond's Esprit vibes?) test car is a validation prototype; we'll drive the final production car next month, making this sort
Be ready to break out those checkbooks
Some big news for the Philippine market today, at least as far as supercars are concerned. The Lotus Emira, which may very well be the British performance car manufacturer's final internal combustion engine model, will be sold locally in 2022.Autohub
The division will focus mainly on one-off and bespoke Lotuses
Lotus has announced a new part of its business that'll deal with some very, very special machinery. It is called Lotus Advanced Performance (LAP), and its purpose is to bring super exclusive and really very cool things into life.Just look
Production has come to an end
Break out the tissues, people. The final Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora units have finally rolled off the production floor-the closing chapter in one of the most iconic eras of British car manufacturing.The brand announced the news yesterday, December 23,
A bespoke garment designed by renowned Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons
Engine output north of 1,900hp, 0-100kph runs in under 3sec, and up to 200kph in 6sec. What else do you get when you shell out £2.4 million (P168 million) for the Lotus Evija?Apart from bragging rights that you
Only 12 will be made in this color scheme
You may have already seen pictures of the gorgeous Lotus Exige-based Radford Type 62-2, the first supercar from the resurrected British coachbuilder Radford...but not like this, you haven't. This is the harder, faster, meaner-looking John Player Special
With a traditional gasoline engine
The new Lotus Emira is propelled entirely by little explosions. It isn't even a hybrid. That's not because Lotus is incapable of something electrified, or dragging its feet. Next year, there will be a "lifestyle product" (aka a crossover) that'
These paint/sticker jobs defined the cars as much as the underlying tech did
In 1993, Subaru debuted its new Prodrive developed Group A Impreza rally car, known as the Impreza 555, along with a new title sponsor, cigarette manufacturer State Express 555. Complete with a distinctive blue-and-yellow color scheme, the 555 name and
The model will arrive by 2025
Heavyweight news, delivered by two of the car world's lightweight stars. Alpine and Lotus have today confirmed plans to play together in the sandbox of electricity-specifically, to develop a fully-electric sports car. Yep, we're gonna need a bigger-
What could’ve been
In 1980, Lamborghini wasn't in a good way, in so far as it didn't really have any money. To show its support for the Raging Bull, Bertone brought this thing to that year's Turin Motor Show. Based on a
Some are madder than the rest
In 1980, Lamborghini wasn't in a good way, in so far as it didn't really have any money. To show its support for the Raging Bull, Bertone brought this thing to that year's Turin Motor Show. Based on a
It was also driven by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Surprise, surprise-Lotus founder Colin Chapman's company car was...a Lotus. A Turbo Esprit, no less, complete with large-scale 'Turbo' graphics, ruched red leather interior and wedge-tastic, gloriously '80s Giugiaro styling.Chapman's Esprit was built in February 1981 (
Simply gorgeous
Go on, which one of these new Lotus special editions is your favourite? Is it the black/gold car, as inspired by the John Player-liveried Type 72D in which Emerson Fittipaldi won five GPs in 1972? Or maybe it's the
That wasn't hard
Lotus was a big deal in the '60s-by 1968, it had three Formula 1 constructors' championships to its name, and the Elan and the Europa were selling pretty well.But it seems there was still a measure of confusion over its
Once completed, this car will be quick. Really quick
Lotus wants you to know its all-electric Evija hypercar is definitely, absolutely a Thing. A Thing that you will one day be able to buy. Which is why it's continuing to send us pictures (and videos) of it undergoing testing
See 1,972hp put to good use
And lo, it begins. Lotus has begun testing the car that will mark an entirely new chapter in the long, winding history of the fabled British sports-car maker.A car that, at first glance, is unlike any other Lotus that's
This is the future
Volvo and owners Geely are spinning-off their respective engine manufacturing operations into a new standalone business that "will seek to develop next-generation combustion engines and hybrid powertrains."Volvo says the move will allow it to better focus on "the development
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