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Despite the rainy weather
At Clark International Speedway this past weekend, Luis Gono of Team CleanFuel Racing/Motul-Autoplus overcame wet weather conditions to win the third leg of the Formula V1 Championship. After earning pole position during the qualifying sessions, he gained an eight-second
Eight hours behind the wheel is no joke
Former Toyota Vios Cup champion Luis Gono once again showcased his skill on the track, this time by leading his team toward the 2017 Philippine Endurance Challenge championship at the Clark International Speedway.Team Tuason Racing finished as overall champions this year,
Dads need to be supportive of their kids
If you've been following the Toyota Vios Cup or the Hyundai Lateral Drift Series, the name "Luis Gono" should ring a bell. This teenager, the 2014 Vios Cup champion and a podium finisher in the drifting event, learned how to drift
It's not just about the cars
Qualifying for the second leg of the 2015 Toyota Vios Cup was held yesterday at South Road Properties in Cebu, and the racers looked all set for the big race today, May 17. It has been a while since we walked the
On top of brand-new Toyota Vios
Last night, Toyota Motor Philippines officially announced and handed out the awards for the 2014 Vios Cup season. And as we had already expected, 15-year-old Luis Gono was formally declared the overall champion. For winning the coveted title, Gono got
Says brawl won't happen again
If you think the 2014 Vios Cup is a Mickey Mouse one-make race series just because it features a subcompact sedan, what happened today at Clark International Speedway during the qualifying session of the second leg should make you think again.
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