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For your van and pickup truck needs<br />
Save up to P100,000<br />
Foton Motor Philippines is offering three of its best-selling vehicles with a low downpayment and savings to boot. Buyers can save as much as P100,000 when purchasing a brand-new 4x2 Blizzard 2.8L TDi and MPX 2.8L CRDi
Now with 11 showrooms nationwide<br />
Motorists looking for affordable light- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the Visayas can now turn to Foton Motor, which recently expanded its network of showrooms in central Philippines.Foton now offers its entire product line in new dealerships based in Bacolod
Another Chinese vehicle is driven by Anna Barbara Lorenzo. She still has a lot of gripes, but at least she has opened up her mind.
I used to think driving Chinese vehicles was like dating a Chinese guy. You never know when what you have will fall apart. After all, China¹s still getting the hang of making quality and reliable vehicles, just as Chinese boys are
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