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The carmaker is helping build functional face shields for hospitals across Italy
Both beauty and beast
Sound the new Ferrari alarm, we've got another one.The fifth new model from Maranello this year-F8 Tributo, F8 Tributo Spider, 812 GTS, SF90 Stradale... and now Roma, designed to muscle in on the Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes-Benz
A special exhibit will run until May 2020 at the Ferrari Museum
Scuderia Ferrari-the racing team, not the car manufacturer-is celebrating its 90th birthday this year. So naturally, the Ferrari Museum is having a special exhibition to celebrate. The '90 Years' exhibition runs until May 2020.The man himself-Enzo Ferrari, who
We witness the marque's 70th anniversary in Maranello
You don't need to be a 'car guy,' much less even care about Formula 1, to know Ferrari. Along with the likes of Coca-Cola, Rolex, and Apple, it has transcended the category in which it operates, becoming part of our
Raffaele de Simone has the best job in the world
7:10Alarm goes off, quickly followed by the rest of several espressos. I'm off to Maranello to do every schoolboy's dream job-drive Ferraris. Obviously there's more to it than just driving for the sheer fun of it-I
Specifically, the historic 1961 season
The 1961 season of Formula 1 was a historic one for Scuderia Ferrari. That year, the team won its first ever constructor championship with five victories in eight races. Phil Hill led the way for Ferrari, becoming the first and only American-
With Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa to boot
It seems that come Christmas time, the best place kids can spend their time in other than Santa's workshops is Maranello, Italy--specifically, during "Ferrari's Kids Christmas."Supposedly a traditional event that's held every year as part of the
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