For when your Italian exotic needs service
Good news for Italian supercar owners (of a certain automotive group). There's now a full-service center for Ferrari-Maserati located at 3904A Quingua Street, Makati City, just a few minutes away from BGC. It follows Ferrari and Maserati's latest
The faster, the funnier
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Here's an obvious fact: Ferraris can go fast. Like, really fast. So fast that riding shotgun in one at full blast will contort
And gets a nice surprise himself
If you're a regular reader of this website--or a follower of our Facebook page--you probably know one of the guys in the photo above. Mick Santi, the one on the right, is a car enthusiast who recently lost his
Ride a McLaren, an RWB Porsche or a Jag
This was the team of very knowledgeable car enthusiasts that won our first-ever quiz night held in Bonifacio High Street during the recent "Wheels & Grills" Father's Day weekend event. Now, how is this related to this story?Well, the guy
A relatively low-mileage unit
In 1970, the Range Rover was launched as the "four-in-one" vehicle: luxury car, performance car, estate car and cross-country car. A year later, it was exhibited at the Louvre as an example of modern automotive art because of its
How one guy spent his last days
If you knew your days were numbered--as in you'd die in the coming weeks--how would you spend your remaining time on earth? If you're a car enthusiast, driving the most desirable supercars on a proper racetrack for a
Are you one such privileged customer?
Globe Platinum subscribers were in for an extra treat at the "Slipstream 2.0" event, after the Philippine telecom giant announced it had partnered with Jaguar/Land Rover Philippines to bring exclusive deals and freebies to their most loyal clients.Aside from
And how it found its way into PH
Car collectors are stocking up on old Land Rovers from Series Vehicles to the Defenders--said to be the Queen's favorite--because the Defender is going out of production by the end of 2015. These collectors realize that barn finds and
Some guy you most likely know already
On July 2 last year, it was reported here for the first time that British carmaker Aston Martin was coming to the Philippines. At the time, we wrote:A person privy to the ongoing negotiations has told that another
See their reaction
Four of our readers were recently treated to the car ride of their life. It wasn't all luck, mind you. These guys had to submit a photo depicting "Ferrari" without using the Italian automotive brand's logo or cars. The four
Check it out at Jaguar's BGC showroom
Jaguar Philippines has launched the F-Type Coupe, nearly a year after the F-Type Convertible was launched in the country.Like the roadster, the F-Type Coupe makes extensive use of aluminum, giving the car an "uncompromised design aesthetic while delivering
Distributor Marc Soong will drive you around BGC
Let's face it: A vast majority of us car enthusiasts will never get the chance to drive a Ferrari car. A cruel fact, but there's no sidestepping that fact. That's just the way it is.Well, if you can'
Can you guess how much it costs?
Autostrada Motore, the official distributor of Maserati cars in the Philippines, launched at the 2014 Trans Sport Show the Maserati Ghibli, a nameplate that the Italian carmaker last used in 1997.Originally a coupe, the Ghibli is now a four-door sports
Through month of November
One positive that comes out of a calamity in this country is that everyone pools together resources to help the victims. The same is true even in the automotive industry. A good example is Land Rover Philippines executive director Marc Soong, who
Right at the Bonifacio Global City showroom
When Land Rover Philippines launched the all-new, fourth-generation Range Rover at its elegant Bonifacio Global City showroom, the distributor went for the dramatic: They drove the luxury SUV through a makeshift pool of water, obviously driving across the point that
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