“We all know that having a driver’s license is not a right but a privilege”
Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Guillermo Eleazar will be bowing out of the service on November 13, 2021, as he reaches the mandatory age of retirement of 56.His tour of duty as the head of the PNP may be limited
Warnings should always be taken seriously
Everyone was high spirits when a big group of riders arrived at Café Katerina in Tanay shortly before noontime on January 12, 2020. These riders rode all the way to Rizal to attend the awarding ceremony for participants who had successfully completed
Is there anything more therapeutic than this?
There's something about night rides that's so therapeutic. Whether it's the reduced traffic on the road, the refreshing night air, or the sheer cool factor of roaring down the streets on your motorcycle while the city sleeps, the concept
Brand-new Aerox, NMax, and YZF-R15 motorcycles were raffled off to participants
Cebu's Transcentral Highway now famous for motorcycle accidents
Are you familiar with the road strip adjacent to Cebu City called 'TCH'? It actually stands for Transcentral Highway, which is fast becoming popular for weekend drives and rides.Considered as the 'mini-Baguio City' of Cebu, TCH boasts scenic mountain views,
Residents, off-roaders seek the help of PNP, LGUs
Our appeal apparently did not fall on deaf ears.This morning, members of the Task Force Marilaque (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon) arrived in full force at this 44km winding road to put up tarpaulins and billboards reminding motorists-and riders, in particular-
Be on the lookout for these pseudo motorbike racers
We don't know how the term 'kamote rider' started. It's probably because the nearest English equivalent is the term 'squids,' which is what the US motorcycle community calls riders whose confidence exceeds their skill. But 'pusit' riders hardly have the
Scenic spots, mountain air, and accidents
Every weekend, the hills of Marilaque come alive to the sound of two-wheeled machines in the morning. This place is likened to the Tail of the Dragon, a two-lane, 11-mile road in Tennessee, USA, which is a haven for
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