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No one expected a turbo’d Ferrari to be this good
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If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Russian biker puts violent Lexus owner in his place. Bikers, this is proof that it pays to own a helmet-mounted camera. You never
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If you own a supercar, it's a given that having someone else own the same car at the country club is a rare (and annoying) occurrence. You buy the car not only because you can afford it, but also because you
Track cars are in vogue this year
After teasing us with a name and a torque figure, McLaren has at last shown its 675LT in all its glory. As we wrote previously, the LT stands for "Longtail," a nod to the legendary McLaren F1 racing variants of the '90s.
As factory driver for McLaren GT
After driving a McLaren 12C GT3 race car at the 2013 Total 24 Hours of Spa endurance race for McLaren customer team Von Ryan Racing, Bruno Senna is now officially part of the McLaren GT racing team after being signed by the
5,000 units have been produced
McLaren Automotive recently marked a milestone with its Super Series line--which is made up of the 12C, the 12C Spider, the 650S, the 625C and, more recently, the 675LT--by building the 5,000th unit of its groundbreaking carbon-fiber MonoCell
The most powerful model from the brand
McLaren Automotive is reviving its legendary "Longtail" moniker with the launch of the McLaren 675LT at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.According to McLaren, the 675LT embodies the Longtail ethos "with a focus on performance-optimized aerodynamics, increased downforce, driver engagement, power
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