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The Mercedes driver is only five points away from a fifth championship win
Is this a dynasty in the making?
It's official: Lewis Hamilton has committed to the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team for another two seasons, in a deal worth a reported £40m (P2.8 billion) a year.Which means the now four-time world champion will be racing in
Do you agree?
Lewis Hamilton grins as he gets out of the Project One, having just driven it onto the stage for the Frankfurt reveal. He looks genuinely pumped, not just race-driver-grinning-for-the-bosses pleased."I'm so happy to be here.
It will have around 1,000hp
Oh yes, it's official: Mercedes is hard at work on a hybrid hypercar that will use the engine and electric motor systems from its title-winning F1 car.Not a watered-down version of the same engine, and not a turbocharged
Mercedes drivers make contact again
One of the Mercedes drivers will likely win the championship. Problem is their increasingly aggressive tactics. Here are the rest of the highlights from the past Formula 1 weekend.1. Lewis Hamilton clinched victory after last-lap contact with Nico Rosberg. Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton finally has his day
As what happens in Monaco when it rains, cars slide and team strategies are tested. The most prestigious race on the calendar certainly didn't disappoint this year. Here are the highlights.1. Red Bull's mistake gifted Lewis Hamilton the victory.
Want to pretend you're Lewis Hamilton?
How would you celebrate a championship victory? By throwing a huge party? Treating the team to a trip abroad? With the Formula 1 road show already a hectic world tour, the crew probably just want to rest. So for 2015 constructors' champion
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