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An icon made even better
A Mercedes-Benz G500 already has 447hp?Yes.So what the blazes does a G63 produce?Thanks to the same 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8, albeit with the wick doused in napalm, you get 577hp and 849Nm. The engine is effectively
Packs the same power as an AMG GT R
This is the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class you've been waiting for. The all-new, 21st Century G-Class subjected to the maniacal desires of AMG. It's the new G63, people. And it's very, very brawny.Under its hood
These are new 'Exclusive Edition' specials
The Mercedes-AMG G Wagen lives on. AMG has added a new range-topper to its, um, range-topping G63 and G65. Both are now available in the high-end Exclusive Edition, which we have detailed for you below. Sadly, none of
Then again that shouldn't come as a surprise
What's special about this Mercedes G63 AMG?Coining Merc's current naming structure, it's a Mercedes-AMG G63 4Matic Color Edition. Big name, but then it's a big car, too.The cost is no smaller, either. G-Wagen prices
In a retina-searing paint job
Can anyone remember how exactly the Mercedes G-Wagen became the darling of the aftermarket tuning scene? It's difficult to comprehend a vehicle less suitable for mega-power mods than a four-decade-old, ex-military, body-on-frame off-roader
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