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If you have to ask how much...
Welcome to one of the fastest four-door cars in the world-a Mercedes-AMG GT four-door that's been Brabus'd to within an inch of its life.It's called the Brabus 800 because it has a nice, round
You’ll have to get in line behind us, then
This snappily titled thing is the Performmaster Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-door Coupe 1 of 31 Limited Customer Edition. Got your breath back yet? Well, the 731hp this thing puts out will probably take it away all over again.Now,
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Power: 1,887hpTop speed: 415kphRimac claims the C_Two's four electric motors develop a combined 1,887hp and 2,300Nm of torque. The front wheels individually use a single-speed gearbox each, while the use of twin two-speed gearboxes at the
Which do you think has the best chance against the all-new 911?
You'll have digested the specs and photos of the new Porsche '992-gen' 911 here. Done that? Good. Now we can get into the nitty-gritty of what it'll go up against when it lands in 2019.See, the old
Led by the GT R Pro, a new variant to rival the 911 GT3 RS
Mercedes-AMG has timed this rather neatly. While Porsche expected the brand-new 911 to attract much of the attention at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, its arch-rival had given the GT range a host of tweaks to ensure
The GT R Pro is said to ‘deliver even more racetrack performance’
Mercedes-AMG has confirmed it is building a new version of its storming GT supercar. It will be called the GT R Pro, and it of its unveil at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, AMG has only said
Does AMG’s party piece really require such extreme modification?
The Mercedes-AMG GT is not a thin car. Skinny is not a word in its vocabulary. Nor is slow. And yet neither of these conclusions appear to have deterred German tuner Fostla, who has made the GT both wider and faster.
It's all about downforce
Mercedes-AMG has announced a limited edition of its very new, very fast and very svelte four-door AMG GT. It is called the Edition 1, and it wants to talk to you about aero.Principally because this four-door AMG GT
More practicality, just as much fun
To dismiss AMG's new 'GT four-door Coupe' as a CLS 63 in all but name--which, let's face it, you're doing right now--is to do it a massive disservice. Because even though AMG isn't going to
In time for AMG's 50th birthday
Good news, fans of muscle, speed, and glorious oversteer-Mercedes has updated its AMG GT range with more power, more tech, and more likelihood for slidey goodness. And there's a new Goldilocks model as well-The GT C.The GT C
With the GT and GT C Roadster
Last June, the motoring world was blown away when Mercedes-AMG showed off the ultra-sexy GT R sports coupe. Apart from the smashing sheet metal, it packed 585hp and 700Nm under the hood, placing it comfortably in the supercar realm.The
Have the checkbook ready
When the Mercedes-AMG GT came out last year, our jaws dropped. An automotive beauty and legitimate performer, the GT captured everyone's imagination with its subtle yet perfect balance of luxury and track proficiency--a combination that allowed the vehicle to
In time for start of the season this weekend
As the start of the 2015 Formula 1 season draws closer, Mercedes-AMG has revealed the high-performance cars it will be providing the FIA--specifically the safety and medical cars for the race series.The role of the safety car goes
Aluminum and carbon-fiber goodness
Here's the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the race car that's based on the Mercedes-AMG GT and was developed to comply with the FIA's GT3 race rules and compete in "the world's most hotly contested customer race series."To
'DriveClub' to go on sale on October 8
The Mercedes-AMG GT may have only been launched this month, but buyers of the DriveClub racing game on PlayStation 4 may already drive it when the game goes on sale on October 8.DriveClub players can download the AMG GT for
Now with slightly different name
Mercedes-AMG has launched the successor to the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, but the high-performance arm of the German carmaker has given it a new name: Mercedes-AMG C63, taking its lead from the recently launched supercar, the Mercedes-AMG GT.
Supposedly even more powerful
The 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine of the Mercedes-AMG GT won't be exclusive to the supercar since Mercedes-Benz's high-performance brand has confirmed that this powerplant will also be used on the successor to the C63 AMG.
After months of teasing
Mercedes-AMG has finally unveiled its second product after the venerable SLS AMG: the GT, developed entirely in-house by the company.As we previously reported, the GT comes with a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine that features twin turbochargers located
As launch date draws near
As Mercedes-AMG gets closer to unveiling its upcoming GT supercar at the 2014 Paris Motor Show this month, the German carmaker lets us in on what it took to develop the vehicle.In the video below, we find out several important
Should Ferrari and Porsche be worried?
Mercedes-AMG has revealed the interior of its next-generation supercar--simply named Mercedes-AMG GT for now--whose public debut is expected to take place later this year.According to Mercedes-Benz's high-performance arm, the interior of the GT "
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