A sleeper Merc
It's not easy determining what kind of buyer would consider the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. It's certainly not the first body type you'd think of when you picture the typical Chedeng. Where the A-Class is for a younger
Presenting the B-Class Electric Drive
Mercedes-Benz has finally put its very first volume-production electric car on sale with the B-Class Electric Drive.Using technology that was developed by electric carmaker Tesla, the B-Class Electric Drive is reportedly not only the fastest-accelerating five-
Better than ever, claims German carmaker
Mercedes-Benz has updated the second-generation B-Class, almost three years since it hit the global market but just over a year since it was launched in the Philippines.According to the German carmaker, the B-Class has received a major
No better way to travel out of town
If you\'ve gotten a copy of our 100th issue this month, you should know our road-trip destination for the month is Cintai (Corito\'s Garden), a Balinese-inspired resort in Balete, Batangas. We took the Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport, B200
No ordinary shoebox
We won't blame you if the first thing you notice as you check out this car is its uncanny resemblance to the outgoing Kia Carens. Like the Korean people-mover, it has the dynamism of a shoebox. This is no ordinary
Merc's next volume seller after C-Class?
A little over a year after the all-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class first went on sale in Europe, the German carmaker's compact hatchback has finally reached the Philippines courtesy of CATS Motors, the exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in
The compact sports tourer
Mercedes-Benz has finally replaced the first-generation B-Class with an all-new model that is more agile and efficient yet as comfortable and spacious as ever."No model change in the history of Mercedes-Benz has ever seen so many
More agile but as comfortable as ever
In production since 2005, the current Mercedes-Benz B-Class is set to retire later this year and the German carmaker has offered a glimpse of what the next-generation model will look like based on its silhouette and a close-up
Over 30,000 kilometers for the electric car
Mercedes-Benz kicked off the 125th anniversary of the automobile in January 2011 by sending off three B-Class fuel-cell vehicles on a round-the-world drive. After 70 days of driving to cover more than 30,000 kilometers, the vehicles
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