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For very fast grocery runs
Mercedes-AMG has made a name for itself by combining the comfort and vault-like solidity of a Mercedes-Benz with the sporty nature of a high-powered performance car. Thanks to the tuning arm of the German carmaker, drivers around the
Available for ordering least in Europe
Mercedes-Benz is offering a special, limited-edition variant of its newly launched CLA-Class four-door coupe. True to the "limited-edition" tag, this variant--the CLA Edition 1--is only available for 12 months, or the car's first-year
Let's hope we get it later this year
Just two weeks after Mercedes-Benz debuted the CLA compact four-door coupe at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the very first production model has now rolled off the German carmaker's Kecskemet plant in Hungary.Incidentally, the Kecskemet plant began operating
Presenting the CLA-Class
With four-door coupes seemingly being the trend nowadays among the stylishly posh set, Mercedes-Benz is jumping the gun on its competitors by unveiling the CLA-Class, a compact four-door coupe that adopts the design of the Concept Style Coupe,
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