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A dinosaur movie or a car commercial?
It's best to think of Jurassic World as the direct sequel to the very first Jurassic Park movie, rather than a successor to the last movie in the franchise. The story makes more sense that way, and we believe that's
Can't choose between coupe and SUV?
Once upon a time, classifying vehicles was pretty straightforward. A car--whether sedan, coupe or wagon--was, well, a car. A van was a van, and a sport-utility vehicle was an SUV. Fast-forward to today and vehicle classification can be
Like the M-Class before it
Eighteen years ago, audiences were treated to one of the first public appearances of the then-new Mercedes-Benz M-Class. The German carmaker had just thrown its hat in the SUV category, and it chose the Steven Spielberg-helmed The Lost
Available in 3 variants, including an AMG version
In 2011, we reported that Mercedes-Benz would build a midsize luxury crossover that was scheduled to go on sale in 2015 and take on the BMW X6. With the new year just around the corner, Mercedes-Benz has indeed produced such
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