Alleviating midlife crises for 2 decades
In April 1996, Mercedes-Benz altered the world's view of its brand. At a time when the German marque was best known for its stately sedans, along came the SLK.The car, whose name is acronym for German words that mean "
With lots of style and tech
A lot of changes have been taking place at Mercedes-Benz lately. This is particularly true for the brand's SUV lineup, which has undergone an extensive name shuffle. The changes aren't just limited to the SUV models. The roadsters will
With added flair inside and out
The Mercedes-Benz SL has long been a favorite car of many people the world over. It started out as the iconic 300SL in 1954, complete with those cool gullwing or upward-opening doors. Since then, it has won the hearts of
Automotive sightings in the French capital
After frolicking with some Germans in Austria (okay, that didn't sound right), we made a stopover in Paris for the weekend. Thanks to the hospitality of a good friend--Top Gear Philippines writer Carlo Chungunco--we were able to save on
Filipino boxing legend has good taste
So we got a call from our sister website this morning, offering us a bunch of pictures taken by its photographer at Manny Pacquiao's home in Los Angeles, California. The photos, as you can see here, are of the
This Italian race is the ultimate road trip
Around this time of the year, back in 1955, a Mercedes-Benz 300SL with race number 417 completed the iconic Mille Miglia endurance race in 11 hours, 27 minutes and 21 seconds. It covered 1,597km of roads that traversed Brescia to
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