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Viewing will happen this week, and sealed bids will be opened on December 13
Bad to the carbon fiber
Much like shark attacks, AMG Black Series cars are much rarer than you think. But, just like shark attacks, the sheer violence of AMG's full-bore, limited-run machines lodges them in one's memory fairly comprehensively.That's because the
Is this the end for the German carmaker’s smallest droptop?
It's time to say farewell to Merc's littlest roadster. The SLC-which, until 2016, was called the SLK-has been around since 1996. You'll remember it for basically starting the whole folding-hardtop thing, which peaked in the mid-
Alleviating midlife crises for 2 decades
In April 1996, Mercedes-Benz altered the world's view of its brand. At a time when the German marque was best known for its stately sedans, along came the SLK.The car, whose name is acronym for German words that mean "
With lots of style and tech
A lot of changes have been taking place at Mercedes-Benz lately. This is particularly true for the brand's SUV lineup, which has undergone an extensive name shuffle. The changes aren't just limited to the SUV models. The roadsters will
More power!
It hasn't even been a week since Mercedes-Benz revealed the SLK roadster is getting a diesel engine that the German luxury carmaker announced it has created the most powerful SLK ever by squeezing the 5.5-liter AMG V8 engine
Runs like a sports car, as fuel efficient as a subcompact
Mercedes-Benz is finally offering the SLK with a diesel engine, giving the compact roadster the performance of a sports car with the fuel consumption of a subcompact.Powering the diesel-fed SLK 250 CDI is a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder
With three different folding roofs!
Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed the all-new Mercedes-Benz SLK two months after the German carmaker shared what safety features it'll be carrying. The looker is scheduled to go sale in the global market later this year.Much like how
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