Not all of them are found in expensive exotics
A starter button on the dashboard? Snore. Somehow, it's more interesting-more Italian-to locate it on the steering wheel. Audi does that in the R8 V10. Lots of Ferraris do the same. But the Alfa Romeo Giulia brings a slice
Only 75 were made
McLaren Mercedes, remember. This was a very special edition of the car McLaren and Mercedes built together-the SLR-only this time, it went back in time to pay homage to one of mankind's finest ever victories: that of Sir Stirling
Private collectors are the best
The days are shortening and the cold weather is creeping in, so what better time for McLaren to announce the Elva-a roofless, winshield-less speedster with an 804hp version of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 usually found in the
Automotive sightings in the French capital
After frolicking with some Germans in Austria (okay, that didn't sound right), we made a stopover in Paris for the weekend. Thanks to the hospitality of a good friend--Top Gear Philippines writer Carlo Chungunco--we were able to save on
Or at least check it out
Some people collect rare cars while some collect Michael Jordan merchandise. For those who like to collect both, this is a dream come true: a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren owned by the NBA legend is up for sale on eBay.For $429,
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