Articles about Mercedes Benz V Class

Meet the 'Night Edition'
Thus far, it's only been confirmed for Germany, for the sum of €55,260 (P3.4 million), and we shall quickly run through its features before highlighting a glaring omission.As you'd expect from a Night Edition, there are AMG
The ultimate in family transport
The one-sentence review for the V-Class: It's the Mercedes-Benz of vans. It transposes everything we like about the German brand's cars into a vehicle that can carry up to eight passengers and their luggage.It offers convenience
Yes, your favorite beagle
If the world had a favorite dog, it would arguably be Snoopy. Sure, there are other beloved canines out there. Yet there is an undeniable charm to this smart, white beagle that has endeared him to countless generations for over six decades
You'd look like a sporty dad
Set to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the improved Mercedes-Benz V-Class promises quite a few surprises in the areas of style, comfort and performance (yes, performance). Given that the V-Class is already a comfortable vehicle, there
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