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But is it coded, though? (We’re joking)
Damn. We know getting a license plate number that's to your liking is a big deal-but is it really worth spending a premium on?Let us clarify, first. When we say premium in this case, we aren't referring to
We wonder how much a full tank costs
Difficult to park, ridiculously oversized (at least for most purposes), and a textbook definition of a gas-guzzler-frankly, it's very difficult to imagine how one might make a ride like the Hummer H1 even less practical than it already is.
That old already?
The Nissan Patrol is now 70 years old? We know, right? Man, time sure does fly in the automotive industry.If you were hoping that the Japanese car manufacturer would commemorate its SUV's birthday with a special release of some sort,
The last hurrah for this generation, perhaps?
Are you getting tired of waiting for an all-new Toyota Land Cruiser? Don't worry, we understand. The current-generation full-size SUV has, after all, been around since forever (2008 if we're being specific).Thing is, while we're
Almost like our Congress's parking lot
Each summer, it's now a staple tradition for a harem of high-end hypercars to swarm the streets of London. A cursory glance at the number plates reveals that a lot of them hail from the Middle East. So, in order
Those guys are rolling in cash
Ferrari has delivered the first of the six limited-edition Sergio roadsters to its owner, the SBH Royal Auto Gallery in the United Arab Emirates. The car is slated to appear at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit, where the Finali Mondiali
In the sweltering Arabian territory of Oman
Befitting a luxury car that's to be sold exclusively in the Middle East in 2015, Aston Martin has begun its hot-weather testing of its upcoming Lagonda model in the Arab state of Oman, with the car being flown into the
Those lucky bastards!
Aston Martin has confirmed that it is bringing back its Lagonda nameplate, but only for a limited production run and for one exclusive market.To be offered exclusively in the Middle East, the Lagonda will continue with tradition as a "luxurious and
Including the popular color choice in the region
During a recent trip to Dubai care of luxury Italian carmaker Maserati, we were feted to a nice dinner at At.Mosphere, a plush place that claims to be the highest restaurant in the world. It is located on the 122nd floor
Guess how much the car is
With the Middle East overflowing with oil and money, it is no surprise that manufacturers of high-end automobiles are falling over themselves trying to peddle their pricey rides in the region. Rolls-Royce is no different. In fact, the British luxury
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