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And what a face
Quick question: What's cute, popular, and has a face that could melt a thousand hearts? If you looked at the photo above and immediately thought of Liza Soberano, then you'd be right.Now, could you also say the
Answer: A hell of a lot
So, how about that Lotto jackpot, huh? Wait, you haven't heard? It's already totalled at over P700 million--a mind-boggling amount for all but the filthy rich 1% of car guys.The sum has us thinking: Supposing you're
Be a rational, budget-conscious Asian
These days, there's a subcompact sedan from about every manufacturer for almost any budget. Whether you're on the hunt for a simple, reliable daily driver or a well-specced model with all the bells and whistles, chances are there's
An impressive facility
Last week, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) formally announced the opening of its new body stamping facility in Santa Rosa, Laguna. After the Japanese carmaker-and it really does make cars now more than ever-opened its Laguna plant in 2015, it
It runs until December 29
Because 'tis the season to be generous, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) wants to treat its Mirage and Mirage G4 customers with the Year-End Raffle Promo. The company is raffling off P10,000 worth of Digital Walker/Beyond the Box gift
Is this normal?
Good day! I just want to ask if it's normal for a two-year-old car to be noisier than before. My Mirage G4 is now a bit noisier even when running at 60kph at around 2,300rpm in fourth gear.
At rites in Malacañang Palace
If you buy a Mitsubishi Mirage in the near future, chances are it will be made by Filipino hands. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) has announced that local production of the small sedan has begun at its 21-hectare plant in Sta.
The battle of the city cars
Hardcore gearheads might scoff at the idea of getting excited about city cars. With sub-100hp engines, it's easy to think that they don't offer much to get your gears going. But the reality is that practicality is still top
Buy one before price hike takes effect
Bad news: Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) has just announced that it will be raising the prices on several vehicle models due to the weakening of the Philippine peso against the US dollar over the past few months. Yikes.Specifically, the company says
Starting with a new body-stamping shop
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is going through a difficult phase right now, with the admission of falsified fuel economy figures resulting in the resignation of high-ranking company officials. Yet it isn't all bad news for the Japanese automaker, at least as
Including the adjusted prices
The sixth-generation Mitsubishi Mirage has been a cash cow for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines since the company officially launched it in our market four years ago. In October 2012 alone, MMPC delivered 1,098 units to eager buyers.Four years later, does
Company set to join CARS program
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is poised to participate in the government's Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) program. This was the big announcement that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation CEO Osamu Masuko delivered this week.The even bigger news? Once the application is approved, its
You may do so this weekend
Are you seriously considering getting the all-new Montero Sport? If yes, then a test drive is in order, right? You're in luck: Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is celebrating the launch of its all-new SUV by giving customers the opportunity to
Winner to get brand-new Mirage GLS
This weekend, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is holding a three-day event at the Mall of Asia grounds called "Mitsubishi Summer Expo." On the third and last day of the expo (Sunday, March 22), the finals of the Mirage Eco Dash game app
With sales led by Montero Sport
Last week, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines held its annual media thanksgiving party. The event was supposed to be held last month, but typhoon Ruby forced the Japanese carmaker to postpone its yearly celebration. As per tradition, the top brass gave short speeches before
That's with the manual transmission
On December 2, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines began driving two units of the Mirage G4 sedan and one unit of the Mirage hatchback from Luzon to Mindanao with the aim of breaking the previous unofficial Philippine record for the longest distance traveled by
Interrupted by typhoon Hagupit
On December 2, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines embarked on a journey whose only mission was to break the unofficial Philippine record for fuel mileage, which was 1,402km on a single tank of fuel as achieved by a Honda Jazz during the Petron
Aiming for 1,450km on a single full tank
In 2007, I joined Petron's "Xtra Mile Challenge" for the media. The fuel economy run featured a fleet of Honda subcompact cars (City and Jazz). If my memory serves me right, I did a pretty impressive 1,000+km on one
With freebies to boot
If you're planning to buy the Mirage or Mirage G4 for your first car, then you might want to consider Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' offering this month. Dubbed the "Mirage Start Smart Bundles," the promo is targeted at first-time car buyers,
With 'all-in package' tucked in
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines wants you to enjoy the endless road trips you've planned this summer by offering all-in packages for four of its best-selling models following a down payment of 15% of the selling price.This means that for
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