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Most you can have on three wheels
Car birthdays are the best
The SLS GT3 was AMG's 45th birthday present to 'passionate performance enthusiasts and collectors.' Limited to only five units, said passionate performance enthusiasts also needed to have a healthy bit of wedge in their back pocket to get one-£360,000 (
After 84 years
Most cars are replaced after six or seven years. Occasionally, the chassis that underpins them will continue for another generation or two. But Morgan's definition of 'another generation or two' is predictably different to everyone else's.And so we see
There’s even Bluetooth connectivity available—as an option
While the rest of the world gets tweaked about electric this and battery that, here comes Morgan Motor Company with...a new engine. Which has absolutely no kind of hybrid assistance. Kind of refreshing, when you think about it. Also: an aluminum
Located at EDSA Greenhills
Finally, after launching its brand in the Philippines and making a sort of muted noise last year, Morgan Motor Company, through local distributor White Knight Automobiles, finally has a showroom in the country. Morgan officially inaugurated today its boutique sales facility at
As incredible as it may sound
We thought we had seen it all when it came to press releases issued by car companies, but this one probably takes the cake. You see, we routinely receive atrociously written press statements from carmakers with grammar that would make an eight-
Can you afford one?
Last week, we reported that Morgan Motor Company\'s authorized Philippine distributor, White Knight Automobiles, is selling the four-seater Plus 4 at an introductory price of P3.995 million, a sizable discount from its original selling price of P4.7 million.
A sizable discount
Morgan Motor Company is set to officially launch its arrival in the Philippines in September through its dealer, White Knight Automobiles. Reportedly gracing the brand\'s launch will be one of its classic models, the four-seater Plus 4.Based on the
We check with the distributor and the LTO
Earlier this week, we reported that Morgan Motor Company has quietly entered the Philippines through the newly established White Knight Automobiles dealership. Now, with the Morgan 3-Wheeler being its most sought-after model not just by customers in the country but
Launch ceremony to be held in September
Morgan Motor Company, a British carmaker that's known for its hand-built, wood-bodied cars, has quietly entered the local market by appointing White Knight Automobiles as its official distributor and dealer in the Philippines."Morgan Motor Company has over 80
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