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Who would have predicted that?
If somebody had told us even just as recently as five years ago that there would be as many British car brands in the Philippines as the Japanese in 2015, we would have definitely laughed. Not only because our market remains a
As incredible as it may sound
We thought we had seen it all when it came to press releases issued by car companies, but this one probably takes the cake. You see, we routinely receive atrociously written press statements from carmakers with grammar that would make an eight-
By as much as P195,000
In its simplest form, the law of supply and demand dictates that the increasing demand for an item necessitates an increase in its selling price. Well, that seems to be the case for the Morgan 3-Wheeler since the British carmaker\'s
Launch ceremony to be held in September
Morgan Motor Company, a British carmaker that's known for its hand-built, wood-bodied cars, has quietly entered the local market by appointing White Knight Automobiles as its official distributor and dealer in the Philippines."Morgan Motor Company has over 80
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