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And a quick guide on how to protect yourself from counterfeits
Filipinos are no strangers to counterfeits. We have all sorts of fakes or 'Class A' on full display in shopping centers across Greenhills and Divisoria. These products are cheap, and more often than not, they look a lot like the real thing
So hard to choose a design
In a sea of various colors, designs, and graphics, finding the right helmet can be challenging. If you happen to be one of the many Filipino riders who grew up watching anime, then Bilmola's latest line of limited-edition lids could
The Honda Safety Driving Center shares these tips
If you've been traveling either by air, sea, or land for quite some time, we're pretty sure you've already experienced some form of motion sickness. Reports say one in three people experience motion sickness during long travels.Mind you,
Rain, rain, go away...
While riding in wet weather is best avoided, not everyone has the luxury of staying in during the rainy season. Even with the recently implemented emergency lay-bys for motorcycle riders, many of us still have to brave the rough weather on
Because it’s rainy season once again
The rainy season is now upon us, and riders will know just how much of a hassle riding in the wet can be. Aside from low traction on wet roads, high winds, and getting soaked to the bone, another pressing concern is
Rest assured it won’t turn off if your subscription expires mid-ride
Have you ever experienced getting locked out of your Netflix or Spotify accounts due to unpaid subscriptions? This new riding gear follows the same principle-only it deals with rider safety.American motorsports clothing company Klim recently launched the Ai-1 Airbag
Equipped with seven sensors that analyze data 1,000 times per second
Airbags have been in cars for decades, saving lives in the event of a crash. In the motorcycle world, they mostly see use in high-level racing like MotoGP, where they've proved successful in allowing riders to survive relatively unscathed after
Will the LTO’s new mandatory rider training help reduce this figure?
The number of motorcycle-related fatalities in Metro Manila increased slightly in 2020, despite the presence of government checkpoints at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people shifted to two-wheelers due to limited public-transport availability and physical-
It’s like a wearable airbag
No pricing details have been made known, but considering Ducati's regular jackets easily reach upwards of several hundred euros, we don't expect the company's new smart jacket to come cheap. Still, if you can afford to splurge in exchange
Spanning 35 hectares, it could be the biggest facility of its kind in PH
Since the turnover of a new Royal Enfield bike to the Villafuerte family in Pili, Camarines Sur, riding coach Meng Sevilla has been a regular fixture in the locale, which is famous for its watersports facilities.The story goes that Camarines Sur
Their creation is called ‘Abante’
Caloocan City has long been known as the motorcycle capital of the country for its wealth of establishments selling riding accessories and gear. Riders travel to the city-and in particular to 10th Avenue-to find good deals on motorcycling equipment.There'
And other safety tips
When you go out to bike, do you use these hand signals? With so many vehicles, both two- and four-wheeled, sharing the road now, it's important to communicate your intentions to other commuters. Of course, bikers don't have signal
The superbike will have adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection
Ducati has begun production of the Multistrada V4 in its Borgo Panigale factory, and with it, the Italian manufacturer marks a significant step forward for motorcycle technology and safety. The fourth-generation Multistrada will debut equipped with front and rear radars-a
It is now developing ways to continue educating drivers in the new normal
Five decades. That's how long Honda has been promoting safe driving across the globe as the company celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Driving Safety Promotion Center in Japan. With it, we take a quick look back at its journey throughout
Its products are designed in Europe and manufactured in India
Due to the current COVID-19 policy that prohibits the sharing of helmets among multiple users, the demand for affordable, good-quality protective gear has increased tremendously in the past few months. The latest addition to the ongoing helmet war is SMK,
Is it time?
The House Committee on Transportation has urged the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases to allow motorcycle-taxi companies to resume their operations, provided they meet certain conditions.During the virtual hearing held on Thursday, July
One senator thinks so
Yesterday, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque announced that the government's Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases had approved a protective shield design for motorbikes. This comes after several parties lobbied to get pillion riding approved once
Should more bike manufacturers adopt the tech, too?
Active cruise control (ACC) isn't new-car companies have long been using the tech to make drives on the highway more comfortable, convenient, and, of course, safer. For motorcycles, though? The feature isn't as common. BMW Motorrad is looking to
Plus a couple of pointers specifically for local riding conditions
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has made it clear that lane splitting-or riding in between rows of vehicles traveling in the same direction-is illegal, based on data that it's one of the major causes of accidents on our
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