Is it a common issue?
Good day!First of all, good job with the informative articles and tips Top Gear Philippines has been posting. They're a big help for new drivers like me. I am newbie driver, and I have a Kia Picanto as my first
Is premium always better?
Hello! Is it recommended to use a more expensive type of diesel for SUVs rather than the plain variants? For example, Shell's V-Power over the ordinary diesel. Thanks!Patrick James CoHi Patrick,Generally speaking, premium automotive fuels do perform better
A common problem
Hi Top Gear PH,Seeing the 10 pesos per liter promo of Phoenix because of their 10th anniversary surprised me and made me feel bad I did not make it. Though it made me think, ever since I have been fueling up
Is cheap always better?
With all the photos going viral showing cheap gas prices, is it safe for our cars to be filled up with these affordable fuels? Because the stuff sold at the top three gas stations is a pain in the a**. Will it
Our technical editor weighs in
Dear Top Gear,Good day!I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra FE. I am having this issue with its carburetor for quite a while now. I think it's got something to do with the A/C. When the A/C is
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