It will be auctioned off in 2023; proceeds will help fund blood cancer research
The late, great Craig Sager was one of the NBA's most colorful icons-literally. The man was known to sport the quirkiest and brightest suits you'll ever see on a basketball court, and it became his signature throughout his years
Respect the grind
When COVID-19 shifted into full gear two years ago, it didn't just throw a wrench in the ongoing NBA season at the time-it put an entirely new generation of players in limbo.With no games, no Summer League, and
We hope these kids don’t take it personally
Imagine that you're waiting inside a parking garage to get a selfie with, say Marlon Stockinger, and Lewis Hamilton ends up walking into the scene instead. You'd probably freak out, right? Okay, now imagine what it would feel like if
Can we blame him, though?
It's never a good idea to park a car near a basketball court. It doesn't matter what car you have or what type of court you're playing in-it's just too risky. Nine times out of 10, your
Place your bets
Klay Thompson? He's known more for his taste in boats than cars.It's his hobby as a seafarer that's landed him on front pages outside of the basketball world. He's so associated with boats, in fact, that he
But why, though?
What a car owner does with his ride, unless he's endangering other motorists, is solely his business.If you want to slap on a corny decal or sticker for everyone to see? Go ahead. Install an ill-fitting piece of bodykit?
They look clean, but do they really look like Mustangs?
You've seen Jayson Tatum's sick Ford Mustang. But have you seen the shoes inspired by this whip?The Boston Celtics star forward recently arrived at an NBA game rocking some shiny black shoes. Tatum's personal stylist then shared on
The car’s got a nice black finish and shiny chrome wheels
Some NBA superstars like flashy supercars and burly SUVs-take Donovan Mitchell, for example. Then there are others, such as Devin Booker, who like going for the classics-we got to see some of his sick wheels during the 2021 NBA Finals.
Sick ride
There's usually a spectacle of sick cars during theNBA Playoffs, from mint-condition vintage rides to high-revving supercars and beastly SUVs. It's basically a mini-car show once players start rolling in before every game. Remember last year's
The guard is apparently a big Chevy Impala fan
Remember when Devin Booker rolled into the 2021 NBA Finals behind the wheel of a tricked-out Chevrolet Caprice? That's when the NBA star first caught our attention as car lovers. Not surprisingly, the dude has a handful of other drool-
Here’s what that would look like
Is it just us, or have more and more people begun following Formula 1 in the Philippines lately?Part of the motorsport's newfound fandom locally is owed to the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix. But if the
Not all of these rides were for him, though
It goes without saying that making it to the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a life-changing step up financially. Depending on how your career pans out, you could be looking at setting your family up for several generations.Of course, NBA
Thankfully, the NBA great was able to walk it off
Professional athletes, after undergoing years of physical training and honing their bodies to constantly be in peak physical form, are usually built better than the average joe. Retired or not, most of these dudes are used to taking a beating.That said,
What's your favorite?
Ahead of their first game against the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals, the Phoenix Suns pulled up to home court hard, filling up the basement parking at their arena with a glittering showcase of luxury cars ahead.As usual, the team'
Positive vibes only
You don't make it into the NBA with Filipino blood without immediately being associated with 'Pinoy pride.' Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson, though, is making it clear that he's about more than just basketball when it comes to his heritage.
The dude is apparently into old-school cars
Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker is one of the deadliest guards in the entire NBA-you don't need to look much further than the 47 points he put up to eliminate the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2021 playoffs for proof.
Clarkson takes the (practical) Lambo
Jordan Clarkson is the very definition of an NBA success story.Drafted in the second round by the Washington Wizards before being immediately sent to the Los Angeles Lakers for cash, the 28-year-old Filipino-American worked his way toward becoming
For most basketball players, being drafted into the NBA is easily the biggest dream come true. Can you imagine going from playing for scholarships to being paid a fortune to shoot hoops? Plus, you get to ball with the stars you looked
Courtesy of his wife, actress Gabrielle Union
Former NBA player Dwyane Wade is one lucky man. For Father's Day, he received a vintage 1974 Ford Bronco from his wife, actress Gabrielle Union. And now, for Wade's birthday, his better half decided to give him yet another vintage
One of the pains of being an NBA center
It's a well-documented fact that Shaquille O'Neal is one big dude. Besides standing at over seven feet tall, the all-time National Basketball Association (NBA) great possesses one of the most gargantuan frames in the history of the game.
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